BioChef Living Food Blender




The Biochef Living Food Blender, as its name implies, was designed to preserve living nutrients. With more nutrients available, your body will benefit more fully. This blender achieves these healthy blends with state-of-the-art enzyme protection technology. Each recipe is served in a quality BPA-free Biochef jug, which measures portions out handily. The Biochef Living Food Blender is ideal for the customer looking to become more healthy. To begin with, this performance blender can turn produce meat, skin and the like into a uniform texture. The vitamin-rich living juice, and the fiber-rich pulp, are combined for nutrition that is complete. 


  • Japanese stainless steel blade system. The Biochef Living Food Blender has a stainless steel pronged blade system that is very unique. This involves 6 blades. 4 of these are serrated, and they hug the bowl. 2 are located in the center. These blades are smaller, and face upwards. When these two blade types combine, a funnel is created. This pulls the produce in and keeps it filtering through constantly. This eliminates the risk of peels or chunks becoming immobile, and failing to blend properly. 
  • Blends skins, seeds and peels.  Did you know that a great deal of the fiber in fruits, veggies and the like resides in the peel?  Juicing is a nice way to get nutrients, but fiber is lost in the process. Biochef blenders retain the fiber, blending the flesh and skins seamlessly.  
  • Grinds grains, wheat and coffee into a powder that is quite fine. Similar blenders require separate jug assembly in order to grind dry foods, like grains, wheat and coffee. The Biochef Living Blender can start grinding as-is, without additional purchase or payment, which is nice and handy.
  • 3.5 HP motor. This blender Biochef living food boasts a super fast and powerful motor, capable of 3.5 horsepower at its peak. This is incredible, especially for a kitchen appliance. This blender means business when it comes to making the best and healthiest smoothie.
  • Super Fast Blades. The blade tips in this rapid-blending appliance move at a whopping 32,000 RPM. Not only does this blender work powerfully, it works quickly.
  • Tamper stick combined with thermometer. This blender comes with a tamper stick, which doubles as a thermometer, for no additional payment from the store. With this tamper stick, you can monitor both the food texture and the food temperature. Ensure that your food is not heated beyond 46 degrees, so that it remains raw (and additional nutrients alive). 
  • BPA-Free Blender Jug. This jug was made with Tritan, a BPA free material known for its impact resistance and durability.  The jug is designed in the shape of a vortex. This creates a funnel effect, so produce is pulled into the blades in a constant flow. 
  • 3 pre-set options. Part of the job of a kitchen appliance is to do the grub work, right? This blender comes with 3 pre-set options, so you can select one and let your blender work by itself. You can hear it changing speeds and so on independently.
  • Measuring jug. As a nice little touch, the jug doubles as a measuring cup. Just another way that this blender focuses on convenience, with no additional store payment necessary.
  • Microprocessor. This blender features a smart on-board microprocessor. This has the incredible ability to monitor the food ingredients, and adjust its power and speed accordingly. This makes for a blender that is very intuitive, not to mention user-friendly. 
  • 10 pre set speed settings. Select your speed and let the smart blender go. Watch the food ingredients turn into a smooth, creamy puree.
  • LED setting selection. LED buttons are a fancy method for customizing your smoothie.
  • Color options in red, black and white.
  • Store product dimensions: L 9.44 x W 11.22 x H 20.27 inches
  • Shipping weight: 20.06 lb

Why the Biochef Living Food Blender?

The Biochef Living Food Blender takes it one step further. Through the use of a 3.5 (peak) horsepower motor, a state-of-the-art blade system, and temperature monitoring technology, this blender extracts and preserves living phytonutrients from food masterfully. Each recipe is served in a quality BPA-free Biochef jug, which measures portions out handily.
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