BioChef Nova Blender




The Biochef Nova Blender is a high performance blender with a sleek modern design. The versatile blender comes with 6 individual preset programs, to blend vegetables, nuts, and ice with precision. There is also an option to make a hot drink. You can even make steaming-hot soups, with the Soups preset program. 

This Biochef blender is powered by a 1600 water motor, which propels the blades at a lightning-fast 28,000 RPM. Combined, these create a blender that can tackle even the toughest foods: vegetables, coffee beans, nuts, and more. 

The Biochef Nova Blender will transform the food of your choice into the finest blends.


  • Six preset programs. The Biochef Nova Blender boasts 6 distinct preset programs: Vegetable, Nuts, Smoothie, Ice, Hot Drinks, and Soup. These presets have the ideal blend specifications saved for each food. Render vegetables into baby food, fruit into smoothies, squash into a hot soup, etc. This makes achieving the perfect blend easy. 
  • Pulse. Not only does this Biochef blender puree food, it can pulse it to your desired texture as well. This means that the Biochef Nova Blender can double as a sort of food processor. Use it to chop carrots for soup, or mince to fill an eggroll.
  • Variable speed buttons. Adjust the speed of this Biochef blender with variable speed buttons, for the custom blend you desire.
  • 1600W motor. This blender has an ultra-powerful 1600W motor. This motor sends the blades spinning at an impressive speed of 28,000 RPM. The result is a blender that is truly dauntless: the Biochef Nova will turn even fruit skins, seeds, nuts, and coffee beans into blends that are silky-smooth.
  • Advanced Biochef Japanese stainless steel blade system. Japanese stainless steel is without contest the best blender blade material currently out there. These blades are rust-resistant and highly durable. They are designed to blend your foods to perfection.
  • 2 liter BPA free Tritan plastic jug. The Biochef Nova Blender comes with a 2-liter jug, crafted from Tritan. This is a super-durable kind of plastic that is certified to be free of BPA. 
  • Timer. Let your blender work while you check your updates, add sweetener, or tidy some clutter away. You can use the timer to keep track.
  • Tamper. To accelerate the blending process, this blender comes with a tamper. Use this to push new ingredients to the mix, unlodge ice, and so on. The tamper can also help get rid of air bubbles, to reduce oxidation.
  • 2-part vented lid. The lid to this Biochef blender has two parts, with vents to allow you to add food to the blender without the need to stop the blending cycle. Does your smoothie look like it needs a little ice? Does it taste like it needs a little sweetener? Adjust as you blend to create a flawless drink. The vents can also be used to release steam from a hot mixture.
  • Under-base power cord storage. When this Biochef blender is not in use, the cords may be stored conveniently away beneath the base. This serves both to protect the cords from liquids and spills, and to give the Biochef blender a more streamlined appearance.
  • Available in White, Red, and Black. To suit any kitchen style, the Biochef Nova Blender is available in the colors white, red, and black. Choose white for a minimalistic look, red for a pop of color, or, for a more formal aesthetic, black.
  • Available in White, Red, and Black
  • 1600W motor
  • Advanced Japanese stainless steel blade system
  • 28,000 RPM
  • 2 liter BPA free Tritan plastic jug
  • 10-year motor warranty
  • 7-year part warranty

Why Choose the Biochef Nova Blender?

This Biochef blender is a wonder of technology. Many blenders can handle only softer produce, or, worse, you must simply accept a lumpy texture. The Biochef Nova Blender will provide the perfect, ultra-smooth blend, every time. This new-gen appliance accomplishes this through some key aspects of its design: six preset programs, advanced Japanese stainless steel blades, a 1600 motor, and more.
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