VibroSlim Body Vibration Machine

$279.00 $274.00


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Workout at home
  • 3 years warranty
  • 4 preset programs
  • User-friendly control panel
  • LED digital display
  • 50 speed settings
  • Calorie counter so you can track.
  • Available in the colors red or gold
  • Speakers and Bluetooth connectivity

There are many reasons that you might find the VibroSlim Body Vibration machine useful. This exercise device is designed for use by the young and wise alike. For example, there are higher speed settings for those who are younger or more athletic. There are also plenty of lower speed settings for beginners and those who are unwell.

This Ultra Vibration machine can aid with weight loss and body tone. Or, it can assist you with increasing your circulation and improving your bone density. Simply adjust your speed and vibration mode with the user-friendly LED control panel. The digital display will show your time. Use this vibration plate to lose weight or to enhance your fitness and health overall.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable. You may have noticed that most exercise equipment has a lot of bulk. This can make it difficult to move and store. The VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Machine, on the other hand, is lightweight and compact. You can transfer it about and put it away easily.
  • Lose weight. For losing weight, the higher speed settings on this VibroSlim Ultra vibration machine are ideal. They will cause the most muscle contractions, resulting in the most calories burned and the greatest blood flow. This vibration plate can serve as the perfect boost for your weight loss routine daily.
  • Tone. As you lose weight, you are sure to find that you have gained body definition and tone. The VibroSlim Vibration Machine Ultra can also both add to your muscle mass, and encourage torn muscles to regrow.
  • Improve your health. There are several ways that vibration machines can help you improve your health. First and foremost is blood circulation. This will improve your oxygen supply. You can also improve your bone density.
  • 4 preset programs. This VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Machine moves in two primary ways: pivotal, and lineal. There are 2 preset programs for these, and 2 for the movements between. As a result, this is an exercise that can be customized to the individual.
  • Control panel and LED digital display. Located at the top of this exercise equipment is a user-friendly LED control panel. This shows the speed, calories burned, and your time.
  • 50 speed settings. This state-of-the-art exercise equipment has an impressive 50 speed settings to choose from. At the lowest speed, you can gently increase your circulation. At a higher speed, you can really begin to burn fat and increase your body tone.
  • Calorie counter so you can track. The nicest exercise equipment almost always comes with a calorie counter, and the Vibroslim Body Vibration Machine is no exception. An LED panel will display your calories burned so that you can easily keep track.

Additional Features

  • Remote control. You will not have to stop and start during your exercise, thanks to a handy remote control. Use this to try out the vibration plate speed settings and pick your vibration mode.
  • Speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. This is a very unique and fun feature. What fitness equipment comes with speakers and Bluetooth connectivity? The Vibroslim Ultra Vibration Machine. Work on your fitness to your favorite tunes, by connecting your phone, tablet, or the like.
  • Available in the colors red or gold. This exercise equipment has a very striking appearance! There is a traditional design paired with a distinctly modern look. This VibroSlim Ultra Body Vibration Machine is available in red or gold. As a bonus, this aesthetically appealing equipment will really add a splash of color or a touch of class to your home.
  • 3 years warranty. You will not have to worry about defects, damage or the like for 3 years' time.