Pure Magic Distiller - Waterwise 9000




The Pure Magic Distiller Waterwise 9000 brand is a high-tech water filtration solution. Through the use of carbon beds, this filter gets rid of contaminants. This includes chemicals and bacteria such as fluoride, mercury, lead, viruses, arsenic, and chlorine. This transforms water from your tap into drinking water that is fresh and pure


  • Coconut carbon post-treatment cleaning system. Carbon filters are the most popular type of water purification system out there. They are simple, yet effective, comprised of carbon beds which serve to absorb an array of contaminants. The Pure Magic Distiller Waterwise 9000 brand is a special coconut carbon post-treatment filter, and one of the best of its kind - especially for its price - available.
  • No assembly, no installation, and no hookups. Picking up a water bottle is easy and quick. Believe it or not, filtering your water is even faster. These ingenious creations require no assembly, no installation, and no hookups. This means that they are ready to go when they arrive. With your own water purifier, you will no longer have to run to the store and search for the best water for your cart. Your custom, pure water is right there.
  • Automatic shut off. Some water distillers may boil water dry when left unattended. This one includes an automatic shut-off to eliminate such a risk. The magic water distiller Australia will cease filtration after distilling roughly one gallon. Return from errands to find water waiting that is fresh and pure.
  • User-friendly. To use this handy device, it takes only three steps: first, add water to the boiler from your tap (it is removable for this purpose). Press start. Replace the collector bottle and wait as it filters your tap water into water that is fresh and pure.
  • Stainless Steel Condenser. This utilizes a condenser crafted from stainless steel. This is an ideal, non-leaching material.
  • Vent System. A vent system serves to reduce volatile organics and is quite effective.
  • Thermoplastic boiler. This purifier boasts a boiler made of thermoplastic, which is a food-grade propylene. 
  • Concealed heating element. A concealed heating element is impervious to mineral deposits and scale. 
  • Coconut Carbon Post-Treatment Filter
  • No assembly, no installation, and no hookups
  • Stainless steel condenser
  • Vent system
  • Thermoplastic boiler
  • 15" high, 16" deep, 9.5" wide
  • 750 Watt 
  • 120 Volt
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fan-delayed start. A fan-delayed start of 20 minutes makes for optimum efficiency. 
  • 4-liter water storage or dispenser container. This filtration system comes with a water storage or dispenser container that is four liters and made of polycarbonate.

Absorption, Degasification, and Aeration

This water cleaning system is designed to achieve three things: absorption, degasification, and aeration. The carbon bed absorbs contaminants. Aeration is then undertaken in order to transform contaminants into a more easily filtered out form. The main impurities that are oxidized are manganese, dissolved iron, and hydrogen sulfide. Finally, degasification involves the removal of carbon dioxide, in order to balance the pH.