1 Person Infrared Sauna



1 Person Infrared Sauna Features:

  • 1 person infrared sauna (Low EMF)
  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Dimensions: 90 X 90 X 190cm
  • Main Material: Canadian hemlock wood or Canadian red cedar wood
  • Heating element: ceramic tube infrared heaters
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 1350W
  • Weight: 100kg (gross)
  • Temperature Range: 0°C - 65°C / 32°F - 149°F
  • Accessories: Control panel, far infrared heaters, 8mm tempered-glass, oxygen ionizer, USB radio, exterior lamps, interior reading lamp
  • Warranty: 2 years

This is a superb low EMF 1 person far infrared sauna made from Canadian hemlock that comes ready to install. The set up is quick and easy, and should not take more than 30-40 minutes. The wood is hand-picked for quality and the high-quality ceramic infrared heaters ensure even heat distribution throughout the sauna unit for optimal performance.

This sauna is lightweight, compact, affordable and perfect for 1 person. It comes with a warranty and customer service support.

The Benefits of Dry Far Infrared Saunas

There are numerous health benefits you can enjoy by using infrared saunas regularly at home. Here are some of the main ones:

Elimination of Toxic Waste in the Skin

Thanks to the increased dilation that occurs in the skin pores while using a sauna. It is ideal for the renewal of the epidermis since it leads to the elimination of the hard layer, so you achieve a greater softness of the skin and a youthful glowing complexion.

Increased Metabolism

Thanks to the increase in body temperature because of the infrared heaters, you burn fat to give your body enough energy to increase your heart rate and lower your body temperature. This metabolic increase allows you to eliminate metabolic toxins since most toxins that the body absorbs in daily life become stored within fat cells. Using those fat cells as a source of energy effectively releases the toxins stored within them, allowing your body to remove them through sweat, urine and bile.

Regular sauna sessions will help you if you have specific weight loss goals, but it will also keep you from piling on extra pounds, without any extra effort.

Relaxing and De-Stressing Effect

The dry heat produced by the infrared heating elements of saunas can increase your pulse rate by 30%, increase the volume of red blood cells and plasma volume. These are important for muscle recovery, to relieve muscle and joint pain and discomfort associated with poor circulation.

Saunas are also effective in reducing stress levels. Stress derived from today's fast-paced lifestyles can lead to long term physical and mental health issues later in life, so it is important to manage stress effectively.

Thermotherapy using saunas has also been proven to help in alleviating symptoms of hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hyperlipidemia. You will find your sauna experience to be incredibly rejuvenating, especially with the added wood aroma!

Why Are Infrared Saunas Better?

Conventional wet saunas are saturated or reach 100% humidity, but dry saunas barely reach 20%, making them less dangerous and much more comfortable for those who have hypertension or heart problems in general. Saunas are traditionally heated by means of hot stones or other heaters, but with far infrared heaters in saunas, you absorb the generated heat in a more uniform manner, so a 1 person saunas offer a superb sauna experience with less effort and in a shorter session.

Advantages of 1 Person Infrared Saunas

Because of their compact size and design, 1 person infrared saunas do not need to increase the ambient temperature to an extreme level to warm the body, as in other conventional types of saunas. This is advantageous because the body does not experience a sudden rise in temperature, which could even cause destabilization. It affects the body through infrared heat, so the ambient temperature does not vary greatly and the infrared heat is more focused.

The time to obtain the benefits in far infrared saunas is shorter. According to studies, total detoxification of the body by infrared heating in saunas is obtained within 30 minutes at 40°C, while in traditional saunas 60 minutes at 80°C are required. So you can get all the health benefits of regular sauna sessions in less time each week!

More Benefits

A dry sauna opens the skin pores by increasing body temperature, causing the elimination by means of sweating of the toxins that obstruct them.

An infrared sauna helps maintain skin health by removing dead cells, helping them to regenerate. It contributes to the improvement of blood circulation.

Controlled heat increases the heart rate by approximately 30%, causing the heart to pump more blood, increasing the amount of oxygen and fluids in the skin cells; in short, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

Regular sauna sessions are an effective anti-cellulite treatment, along with improving tissue circulation and fluid elimination. In addition, thanks to the loss of liquids, it helps you to lose weight without the need for intense physical exercise. This is a real benefit for people who may have an underlying medical condition or disability and are unable to participate in sports or regular exercise.

The heat generated by a sauna stimulates sweating, which causes the elimination of toxins from food, tobacco, alcohol and other contaminants, keeping your body clean and your immune system functioning optimally.

The thermotherapy provided by saunas relaxes the muscles, so it helps to relieve and even eliminate pain. Many athletes make use of infrared saunas after workouts and competitions to aid muscle relaxation and muscle recovery.

How to Take Full Advantage of an Infrared Sauna

If you want to get the maximum benefit from your regular sauna sessions, it is important to follow a few tips to get the most out of using a 1 person infrared sauna:

Hydration: Before entering an infrared sauna, drink a glass of water, because excessive sweating due to infrared heat can cause dehydration. In addition, it is suggested to bring a bottle of water to drink in case you feel thirsty while inside the sauna chamber.

Hygiene: It is important to wash your body and face well before entering the sauna. You should shower before attending so that there are no residues that can hinder detoxification of the skin. It will also help maintain the sauna clean and avoid any buildup of germs or bacteria.

Comfort: It is ideal to be naked when enjoying the sauna, but if you are uncomfortable with the idea, wear a swimsuit instead if you prefer. Make sure that whatever you wear is breathable so that your body does not overheat.

Relaxation: It is important to relax; take deep breaths once in the sauna and do not exceed the estimated treatment time, as excess heat can overheat the skin tissue. Try listening to some relaxing music while inside the sauna.

Aftercare: Take a warm shower after leaving the sauna, to regulate your body temperature. You can also take a cold shower after for a few minutes to close your skin pores. This will prevent your skin from absorbing any pollutants in the air immediately following your sauna session.

Rehydrating: Remember to drink two glasses of water or fruit juice at the end of the sauna session. It is important to rehydrate your body after a sauna session.

Other Tricks to Take Advantage of The Benefits of a Sauna

  • Massage any sore muscles or dry brush them to avoid cellulite.
  • Try exercising before and or after an infrared sauna session to help speed up toxin clearance from your body.
  • Protect your hair. Since the heat generated in a sauna can spoil your hair by drying it out, it is recommended to use moisturising products and cover your hair with a towel or shower cap.
  • It is recommended to use a sauna between 2 and 4 hours after eating. Allow your body to digest food before entering the sauna to avoid any digestive complications.
  • Some people find that eating candy while in the sauna helps prevent glucose levels from falling too low. Hard candy is normally best, as it will not be affected by the heat inside the unit.
  • Exit the sauna if you feel any kind of discomfort during the session.
  • Do not wear chains, rings or other types of metal objects inside the sauna.
  • A dry sauna is not only a detoxification treatment for the body and skin; it is also an exercise in relaxation and meditation. It is a ritual for cleansing your body and mind. You will also enjoy the wonderful aroma given off by the wood cladding of the sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1 person infrared sauna?

Prices vary depending on various factors. For example, the make of sauna, the type of heating, and construction materials. The SMT-011HA 1 person sauna, which is made with Canadian hemlock wood and comes with ceramic infrared heaters costs under $2000. You get a great sauna experience at an affordable price!

What is the best infrared sauna for home use?

You need to consider who will use the sauna, just you or the entire family? How much space you have available will also determine which model is best for you. And, of course, how much you want to spend on a sauna will be an important factor in deciding which home sauna will be your best choice. Our range of affordable home saunas covers 1 person to 6 person models, which come with infrared heaters and a choice of red cedar or hemlock wood for the interior and exterior cladding.

Can I bring my phone in an infrared sauna?

It is not advisable for any length of time. Mobile devices are not typically designed to withstand the high temperatures generated by the infrared heaters within saunas. Prolonged exposure to such temperatures may damage your phone, tablet or similar device.

Is the SMT-011HA 1 person infrared sauna for you? If you need further help with choosing the best infrared sauna, contact our customer service staff today! We will be happy to answer any questions you have about choosing a sauna.