BioChef Atlas Power Blender





The Biochef Atlas Blender is a gorgeous, state-of-the-art blender. This kitchen appliance boasts advanced brushless motor technology, a foolproof Japanese carbon steel blade system, a couple of color options, and more. The machine is known for its quiet functionality, and blends that are smooth and quality.


  • Advanced brushless motor
  • Ultra-quiet operation 
  • Japanese carbon steel blades
  • BPA-free Tritan jug
  • 2 color options white and black
  • Commercial capability for customer service
  • Product dimensions: 7.9 x 11 x 18.9 inches
  • Shipping weight: 15.6 pounds 
  • Warranty: 10 years on motor, 7 years on parts and 1 year for commercial use
  • The quietest super blender by Biochef. Compared to most of the top blenders out there, this incredible blender is much less noisy.  Specifically, the Biochef Atlas Power Blender runs at only 75-80 decibels. Most blenders generate an average of 90 dB. This is a 10-15 dB difference, and one that you can definitely hear. 
  • Intricate and durable Japanese carbon steel blades. This blade system is made up of 6 blades total, crafted from carbon steel. The blade system is designed to accept whole produce -skin, seeds and all. This is both convenient, and healthy.
  • Brushless motor for optimum longevity. You see, the brushes in blenders tend to make noise, generate heat, and will wear out eventually. A brushless motor is a high-tech advancement to promote the best possible function and longevity.
  • User-friendly, with a touchscreen, LED control panel. This comes with several pre-set manual speeds and settings, for ultimate blending ease.
  • 2 color options white and black. The Biochef Atlas Power Blender comes in 2 stylish color options, to fit any kitchen theme. These are the classics to review: white, and black.
  • 2-liter BPA-free jug. A great blender, with exceptional blades and an extraordinary motor, calls for a jug of equal quality. The Biochef Atlas Power Blender comes with a 2-liter jug, which is certified BPA-free. The jug is crafted from the finest Tritan. 
  • Commercial capability.

The Biochef Atlas Power Blender is Customizable and User-Friendly

With 16 settings and 8 manual speeds, as well as pulse, the Biochef Atlas Blender is super user-friendly. Just set your blender to whatever you desire, wait a little while, and your food will be perfectly blended and ready to enjoy.
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