BioChef High Performance Blender




The Biochef high performance blender is a top-notch machine, designed not only to blend, but also mince, chop, and crush. This versatile blender can even be used to make ice cream at home.

How does the Biochef High Performance Blender accomplish this? With a 1600W motor upgrade, for one. This super powerful motor was included for maximum torque. The stainless steel blades move through the food lightning-fast, rendering it to the texture of your choice swiftly.

  • Commercial grade. This blender is effective not only at home, you can also use it at a bar, store or shop, commercially. This is largely thanks to the motor, which can handle large quantities of food masterfully.
  • 2 Horse power Motor. At 2 horsepower, the Biochef High Performance Blender motor is heavy-duty. This allows it to blend food up extremely fine, quickly.
  • A stainless steel blade system. Stainless steel has beauty, and is nice and resilient for blade longevity. These blades contribute to a blender that will stand the test of time.
  • 2L BPA free Jug. The Biochef High Performance Blender jug is made of Tritan. This is a material both free from Bisphenol A, and heat resistant to over 120 C or 248 F. Tritan is also approved by the Underwriters Laboratory for food safety and the FDA. The Biochef jug was made to last, designed for durability.
  • Blunt Blade System. This unique blade system utilizes, as its name implies, blunt blades. The blender relies on the torque (at 30,000 RPM) to blend the ingredients, using the blades as a mere tool for this. Many blenders do the opposite, with very sharp blades and much less powerful motors comparatively. To sum it up, when used with a quality Biochef machine like this, these blades blend by far the most effectively. They also do not require sharpening or replacement, ideally.
  • Pulse button. Along with the standard blend options, this Biochef blender also has the option to pulse. Simply press the pulse button to chop, mix or process accordingly. For ice cream, for example, you may send some strawberries through pulse until they are in pieces of the ideal size. Remove them, and puree the rest of the ice cream accordingly. This way, you can make your own, homemade strawberry ice cream, complete with fresh bites of strawberry.
  • Operates quietly. No one likes to be deafened while trying to make a simple smoothie. Instead, this blender runs nice and quiet, at just 85dB.
  • Speed options. Set this blending appliance at low, medium or high as your blending needs vary. You can make a thick soup or a smooth bisque, a creamy smoothie or a rich, flavorful juice -there is a lot of possibility.
  • Automated Timer Program. You can let the Biochef High Performance Blender take the wheel, blending for 35, 60 or 90 seconds all by itself. This gives you time to toss away the skin, wash your hands, etc. while your smoothie or soup is done.
  • Energy-efficiency. Despite its ultra-powerful motor, this Bio Chef appliance uses only 950 W. The motor is capable of running on more than this, but instead aims to save energy, with no decrease in performance.
  • Automatic overheat power turn-off. In case the blender is left running for far too long, or a pit is dropped inside accidentally, resulting in an overheat, the blender will turn off. Of course, you will want to avoid this, but it is always nice to have a net for safety.
  • Color options. Available in red, black and white, to suit your kitchen scheme. Black is formal and classy, white has a modern simplicity, and red will add a bright splash of color to your living space. There is a style to suit any customer, really.
  • 10 year motor warranty. The Biochef comes with a motor warranty that runs out after 10 years. Customer service is easy to contact and friendly.
  • 7 year part warranty. Blender parts tend to take more wear than the motor itself, which is why, instead of a 10 year, there is a 7 year warranty. For blades and other parts, this remains an impressively long time.

Why The Biochef High Performance Blender?

The Biochef High Performance Blender has so much power that it even boasts commercial capability. This means it is good for family or customer alike. The kitchen appliance also boasts many other unique and state-of-the-art-features.
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