VibroSlim Stretch Resistance Bands - Set of 3

$30.00 $25.00


  • 100% latex

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Vibroslim stretch resistance bands set of 3

  • Set of 3 different resistances

  • Set of 3 colors

  • Add resistance

  • Watch your flexibility improve

  • The ideal addition to the Vibroslim exercise routine

  • Adds variety to any workout routine

  • Great customer service

Yoga is a popular resistance exercise, as it increases your strength and overall muscle tone. This set of 3 bands is an excellent addition to yoga or any other sort of exercise. They are also a perfect addition to the Vibroslim exercise routine. They will allow you to test your muscles in a way that is safe and physically supportive. When it comes to a strong body, strong and flexible joints are key.

  • 3 different resistances. This Vibroslim stretch resistance bands set has 3 bands, with a different resistance each. There is the toughest band, which is black; a medium difficulty band, which is pink; and an easier, stretcher band, which is blue. Start with the blue band and work up from there!

  • Adds resistance. Use this resistance bands set to add resistance workouts to your exercise routine. Use them to build your strength gradually.

  • Watch your flexibility improve. When it comes to general fitness, is key. After all, to properly support your muscles, your joints must be both pliable, and hardy. With this product, you will rapidly see your flexibility improve, as well as your strength overall.

  • The ideal addition to the Vibroslim exercise routine. Your Vibroslim will help you burn excess fat; your Vibroslim bands will tone and strengthen your muscles, and improve flexibility.

  • Add variety to any workout routine. Whether you have reached a plateau, or are simply looking for more ways to exercise, this set can add variety to any workout routine.

  • Decrease injury risk.  Many injuries are in fact caused by poor flexibility! Your body can resist injuries more easily when it is less brittle; think of your body as a tree that you want to bend in the wind rather than break.