Juicer FAQ


Frequently asked questions

What’s different about cold press juicing?

What exactly is healthier in cold pressed juice?

Why does cold pressed juice not last long in the fridge?

Is there any research that compares cold press to regular juicing?

Why buy the Naturopress juicer?

Can I juice any fruit or vegetables?

How long can I keep my juice in the fridge?

Is it worth it to make my own cold pressed juice?

What’s the Naturopress juicer made from? What materials go into it?

How big is the Naturopress juicer?

Can I clean the Naturopress juicer in the dishwasher?

How do I make fruit sorbet with my cold press juicer?

Can I make nut milks with the Naturopress juicer?


What’s your warranty policy?