Water Filters

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Water Filters

With modern technology, we are constantly working to enhance our lives. A healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet are, of course, key. But did you know, equally important is the water we drink? When you think about this, it makes sense. Humans are made of about 70% water. Our bodies are constantly replenishing and renewing themselves with this precious resource. The pure liquid serves to flush impurities and toxins, keeping our mind clear, our circulation good, and our digestive system functioning well. Filtering water is a modern health movement that is highly beneficial.

Tap Water is Not As Clean As You Might Think

All of this in mind, it is no wonder that water can have a significant effect on our health. While clean drinking water offers many benefits, contaminated water can leave us vulnerable to gastrointestinal disease, lead build-up, and even some cancers. This is important information to know. Most people assume their tap is clean. While water from the tap does, of course, go through a filtering process, it then travels through miles of pipeline. While the water travels down the pipes, it brings pesticides and heavy metals to your sink.

Why Filter Water? 

So, why filter water with filter systems Australia? Because clean drinking water will help prevent gastrointestinal disease and even some cancers. Fresh, purified drinking water also has a considerably better taste and smell. You may not even notice hints of chlorine or the like in your tap until you compare it to the water filter replacement alternative.  As one to your cart and you are sure to see.

This is not to mention, filtered water is much cheaper than water bottles from the store. There are many benefits to purifying water with your own water filter at home. Some of the best of these are listed below.

  • Sink and shower water is rather dirty. As touched on above, your tap water is unfortunately not as clean as you might think. Despite the filtering process that this water undergoes, traveling miles of pipeline quickly contaminates it with pesticides and heavy metals. Tap water is often ‘purified’ with chlorine, which negatively impacts its taste and smell. In the shower, blue chlorine also causes water to have a drying effect on the hair and skin. 
  • Purified water tastes better. Unsurprisingly, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and blue chlorine are not a very delicious cocktail.  When you pay attention, you can taste hints of these unsavory contaminants in unfiltered water. Eliminating these not is not only healthy but also greatly improves the flavor and smell. You will notice this when you go to get a quick glass of drinking water, and even when you cook. Purified water will enhance culinary quality.
  • There are harmful bacteria in regular water. Did you know that your regular shower and drinking water is full of harmful bacteria? This translates to a risk increased by 80% of developing gastrointestinal disease and the like. A good water filter will help get rid of these, removing cryptosporidium, giardia, and even the infamous e-coli.  
  • Balance your pH health. Carbon water filters, in particular, can selectively remove contaminants while preserving the healthy minerals, for a perfectly balanced pH.
  • Cheaper and better than water bottles. A quality water filter will provide better than that which you can buy and place in your cart. On top of this, after the initial investment, and infrequent replacement, a water filter will be much more affordable. No need to stop at the store to put water bottles in your cart, or to use an online cart have expensive water bottle delivery to your home. A water filter is right there, to offer a quick, clean, pH-balanced drink.

How Do Water Filters Work?

The primary purpose of any water filter Australia is to purify water in some way. Some filters accomplish this through the use of a physical barrier, while others utilize a chemical process. Some water filtration systems even use means that are biological.

Main Types of Water Filters

There are 4 main types of water filtration systems Australia out there. As you will soon see, each specializes in removing certain contaminants, while against others, proving less effective. Because of this, most home filter systems use two or more filtration processes at the same time. This makes for a flawlessly purified, crystal clear drink, without the need to shop, or a cart. There are also replacement filters available.

Ion exchange

Ion Exchange water filters are a high-tech way of purifying our tap that you can add to your cart. These ingenious machines literally split apart the atoms of contaminants. They trap the resulting ions, instead releasing less harmful ions in their place. This makes for a very deep purify, as you can imagine.

This makes Ion Exchange water filters a great choice for softening hard scale and the like. They are effective against limescale and the like.

How do Ion Exchange Water Filters Australia operate? These appliances are comprised of countless beads of Zeolite. The beads contain sodium ions. Ultimately, magnesium and calcium ions are experience replacement with hydrogen or sodium.

Activated Carbon

As the name implies, Activated Carbon water filters utilize beds of activated carbon. The individual granules of this carbon serve to attract and trap impurities, contaminants, and the like. They accomplish this through an absorption process that is simple but effective. Activated Carbon water filters are some of the most commonly-used household water filters out there.

Like the rest, Activated Carbon filters are best used in concert with another sort of water filter, so add a combo to your cart. Alone, they cannot filter hardness such as fluorine, limescale, heavy metals, microbes, or sodium.


While boiling water is a super effective way to kill off various bacteria, it does not get rid of chemicals and other contaminants, such as limescale. This is a pretty well-known method of filtration, which entails the boiling of water followed by its condensation. You see, water boils at a much lower temperature than many contaminants. These are left behind as the water becomes steam.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis filters water through the use the process of -you guessed it- reverse osmosis. This involves the forcing of water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. Contaminants are contained and removed, and the water that passes through with reverse osmosis is pure.

Water Filtration Tips:

  • Make sure that your water filter Australia takes care of everything you need it to. Once again, each filtration type has its strengths and its weaknesses. A quality water filter will use two or more methods to create a thoroughly-purified drink. 
  • No matter the Australian water filters, you must change them every 3-6 months. Add one to your online cart if the flow begins to slow, or the water becomes dark. For issues, you can contact customer service.
  • When deciding on a water filter for your home, consider what you individually require. You can find out how your water is filtered in order to know what contaminants it may contain, such as chlorine. Some filters specialize in removing this. Others are more effective at purifying hard water and company.
  • Should you have well water, you will most definitely need a filter, and one especially for this purpose. This is because well water is not treated municipally. To have water that is clean of arsenic, pesticides, and the like, you will need a quality filter in your cart for your well.

Those recovering from illness find themselves energized by water that is pure. Clean water can aid in weight loss as well. Clean water will help retain moisture in your hair and skin, improve the air you breathe in the shower (eliminating VOC’s in the steam), and more.