Hydrogen Water Bottle

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A Water Bottle That Enriches Water with

Molecular Hydrogen

Embark on a journey of enhanced hydration with the Naturopress Hydrogen Water Bottle. This innovative product goes far beyond the capabilities of a typical water bottle, ingeniously engineered to infuse your drinking water with molecular hydrogen. Through its advanced technology, the Naturopress bottle transforms ordinary water into a potent source of antioxidants, rejuvenating your body at a cellular level and amplifying your overall vitality. It's not merely a vessel for water; it's a cutting-edge health tool, meticulously designed to elevate the quality and benefits of your daily hydration.

Key Features and Specifications

"Unveiling the Naturopress Hydrogen Water Bottle"

  • Capacity & Design: 80ML - Optimal for an active lifestyle. Its ergonomic design and compact form make it an ideal travel companion.

Materials & Build:

  • Lid/Base: Crafted from sturdy, food-grade ABS.
  • Body: Made from robust Pyrex glass, offering resistance to thermal shocks.
  • Electrodes: Coated titanium with Platinum, ensuring durability and longevity of key
  • parts.

Advanced Hydration Technology:

  • Hydrogen Infusion: Incorporates the latest Ion Membrane for efficient hydrogen generation.
  • Health Optimized: Maintains a pH balance at 7.2, with an ORP of -300 to -600mV.
  • Versatility: Adaptable for a range of water temperatures, from 0 to 60°C.


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