Naturopress Cold Press Juicer 2018 - Juicer
Naturopress Cold Press Juicer 2018 - Juicer
Naturopress Cold Press Juicer 2018 - Juicer

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer

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  • Cold press - Extracts significantly more antioxidants, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals than typical centrifugal juicers.
  • Quiet yet powerful - The 65 RPM, 240w motor ensures a whisper quiet juicing experience.
  • Wide chute - save time chopping by juicing whole fruits
  • Juice fruits, vegetables and leafy greens
  • Nut butter Sorbet and Ice cream setting.
  • 5 Year motor warranty
  • Fast, easy clean
  • Anti drip cap
  • BPA free plastic

Cold Press Juicers work fundamentally different from the centrifugal juicers. Let’s explain why that is.

When you use a traditional juicer, or ‘centrifugal juicer’, the blades inside the mechanism spin at a fast rate against a filtering device, pushing the juice through. This is quite convenient and quick, but it comes at a cost - the metal blades get hot, and the heat produced causes the oxidation and destruction of a number of enzymes and nutrients, effectively getting rid of a lot of the ‘goodness’ of the fruits or vegetables. The juice might taste good, but you’re not benefiting from all of the natural nutrition of the fruits and veggies.

Cold Pressed Juicers, and specifically the Naturopress Cold Press Juicer, crushes and presses the fruit and veggies using high amounts of pressure. The result is that this keeps more of the antioxidants, live enzymes, nutrients, and good stuff intact, just ‘pressing’ out the juice. There’s no heat, and so less potential damage to the nutrient content of the fruit or vegetables as it all takes place at low heat, hence ‘cold pressed’.

The other thing to consider is that when you use a cold press juicer, you can use a range of veggies and extract all the goodness from them, including greens like kale, spinach, bok choy, and more. With using centrifugal juicer, jucing greens can be quite wasteful as the yield is much lower while juicing greens. Getting a cold-pressed kale juice with a little ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass makes for a delicious and healthy start to any day.

It’s always worth making the cold pressed juice yourself, as it has a short shelf life and by the time you’ve bought it in a store, it could already be past its best. In some cases, ‘fresh’ juices have been shown to be up to 45 days old by the time they reach their sell-by date on the shop shelves.

The Naturopress takes cold press juicing to where it should be, allowing you not only to produce these juices yourself, but also producing fresh sorbets and nut milks - an excellent alternative to dairy milks which contains  all the natural goodness of nuts, such as selenium, magnesium, calcium, iron potassium. Nuts are also a good source of Vitamins B and V.

But it’s not just about juice - the easy-clean, easy-use design of the product includes BPA free plastic, food-safe polymers and stainless steel, and a 65RPM, quiet-yet-powerful motor, with a five-year warranty.  This all means that the Naturopress is an excellent choice for you and your family’s health, allowing you to benefit from the full goodness of nature, without having to purchase cold-pressed juices at a high price from a specialist store.

So if healthy, pressed juice, made with the highest quality materials and without heated pasteurisation appeals to you, then it’s time to invest in a Naturopress juicer.