Naturopress Cold Press Juicer

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  • 20-year motor warranty, 5-year parts and labour - An investment that will keep you juicing for years to come.
  • Cold press - Extracts significantly more antioxidants, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals than typical centrifugal juicers.
  • A perfect juicer for Celery, leafy greens, wheatgrass, hard and soft fruit and vegetables.
  • Quiet yet powerful - The 60 RPM, 150w motor ensures a whisper-quiet juicing experience.
  • Wide chute - save time chopping with the 4.5 cm feeding chute: juice celery, leafy greens, cucumbers and carrots without having to cut them into small pieces.
  • Food processor accessories - Make nut butter, plant milk and sorbet..


    Australia's Best Cold Press Juicers

    Juicers on the market today to give you the ultimate juicer. The Naturopress can juice hard fruits and vegetables such as beetroot and ginger, soft varieties like leafy greens, and it is perfect for celery juice. Our cold press juicers comes in a contemporary matte black design with a stainless steel body that is aesthetically pleasing. Naturopress is committed to providing high-end cold press juicers at a reasonable price. One of our core values is to provide maximum value to our customers while being sustainable. That's why we plant a tree for every juicer purchased on our website.

    Cold Press Juicers work fundamentally different from the centrifugal juicers. Let’s explain why that is.

    When you use a traditional juicer, or ‘centrifugal juicer’, the blades inside the mechanism spin at a fast rate against a filtering device, pushing the juice through. This is quite convenient and quick, but it comes at a cost - the metal blades get hot, and the heat produced causes the oxidation and destruction of a number of enzymes and nutrients, effectively getting rid of a lot of the ‘goodness’ of the fruits or vegetables. The juice might taste good, but you’re not benefiting from all of the natural nutrition of the fruits and veggies.

    Cold Pressed Juicers, masticate and press the fruits and veggies using high amounts of pressure. The result is that this keeps more of the antioxidants, live enzymes, nutrients, and good stuff intact for maximum health benefits, by just ‘pressing’ out the juice. There’s no heat, and so less potential damage to the nutrient content of the fruit or vegetables as it all takes place at low heat, hence ‘cold pressed’.

    The other thing to consider is that when you use a slow juicer, you can use a range of veggies and extract all the goodness from them, including greens like kale, spinach, bok choy, celery and more. With using centrifugal juicer, juicing greens can be quite wasteful as there is a lower yield. Getting a cold-pressed kale juice with a little ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass makes for a delicious and healthy start to any day.

    It’s always worth making the cold pressed juice yourself, as it has a short shelf life and by the time you’ve bought it in a store, it could already be past its best. In some cases, ‘fresh’ juices have been shown to be up to 45 days old by the time they reach their sell-by date on the shop shelves.

    How does the Naturopress Juicer Work?

    The Naturopress slow juicer uses a three-stage augur system that masticates your fresh produce extracting maximum yields leaving the pulp ultra dry. The Naturopress cold press juice extractor takes cold press juicing to where it should be, allowing you not only to produce these juices yourself, but also producing fresh sorbet and nutmilk - an excellent alternative to dairy milk which contains  all the natural goodness of nuts, such as selenium, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.

    But it’s not just about juice - the easy-clean, easy-use design of the product includes BPA free plastic, food-safe polymers and stainless steel body, and a 55 RPM, quiet-yet-powerful motor, with a 20-year motor warranty and 5-year parts and labour.  This all means that the Naturopress cold press juicer is an excellent choice for you and your family’s health, allowing you to benefit from the full goodness of nature, without having to purchase cold-pressed juices at a high price from a specialist store.

    So if healthy, pressed juice, made with the highest quality materials and without heated pasteurisation appeals to you, then it’s time to invest in a Naturopress cold press juicer.

    • Voltage: 220-240/50HZ
    • Motor: 240 W
    • RPM: 55
    • Materials: BPA FREE
    • Accessories: Juice, nut milk, sorbet strainers.
    • Cleaning brush
    • SAA Certified
    • Dishwasher safe parts
    • Juices all fruits and vegetables
    • Low noise level

    About Naturopress

    • Naturopress is an innovative health and wellness product brand founded in Australia.
    • Naturopress is committed to providing quality products at an honest price.
    • Our flagship products are a range of some of the best cold press juicers on the market today.
    • Naturopress is committed to being an environmentally friendly company, which is why we have teamed up with carbon neutral to plant a tree for every slow juicer sold.
    • Naturopress now offers juice cleanse retreats in Sydney.

    What You Can Juice With Our Coldpress Juicer

    • Watermelon
    • Stone Fruits
    • Root based
    • Pineapple
    • Leafy Greens
    • Cucumber
    • Citrus Fruits
    • Celery
    • Carrots
    • Berries
    • Beetroot
    • Apples and Pears

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    • 3-day juice cleanse eBook
    • Self-Hypnotherapy for weightloss audio 
    • Juicing for life eBook
    • 1 tree planted for every juicer purchased

    Amazing Features

    • Wide feeding chute (juice apples whole and reduce chopping time)
    • x2 1.2 litre jugs for juice & pulp
    • Jug strainer for ultra-smooth juice
    • Cleaning brush
    • 5-year parts and 20 years motor warranty
    • Sorbet accessory included
    • 240w motor 55 RPM (cold press)
    • Juices both hard and soft fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and celery.
    • 2-speeds (including reverse)
    • Stainless steel body
    • Fast and free shipping

    What is Your Motivation To Buy a Cold Press Juicer?

    Naturopress surveyed 326 people to find out their motivation behind buying a juicer, and the results are remarkable:

    • 25% said they bought a juicer because they wanted to lose weight.
    • 22% said they purchased a juicer for health because they have a condition.
    • 17% for general health and well being (no condition)
    • 12.5% said they bought a juicer after watching a juicing documentary.
    • 10% said they wanted to try a juice cleanse / detox
    • 9% said it was for both health and weight loss.
    • Only 0.61% said they bought a juicer because they liked the taste of juice!

    Two FREE ebooks: 3 Day Juice Detox & Cleanse AND Juicing For Life

    Written by Kathryn Bubeck, RD, a Registered Dietician and writer specialising in oncology dietetics and integrative and functional nutrition.

    These books are written to help:

    • Integrate juicing into a balanced diet
    • Achieve a healthy weight
    • Support general health

    Premium Quality, Convenient Juicing, Half the price...

    Whatever your reason for juicing, you want to select a juicer that ticks all the boxes; It needs to be cold press, it needs to work fast and efficiently enough to juice on a schedule, it needs to be manufactured from high-quality materials, and most importantly it needs to be reasonably priced! We have all seen the 700-900 dollar juicers on the market. Naturopress decided to offer a premium quality juicer at a fraction of the cost of other juicers available on the market.

    1 Juicer Purchased = 1 Tree Planted

    At Naturopress, our vision is to provide high-quality products, that do good for your mind, body, and our planet.  With every cold pressed juicer purchased, we plant a tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. This incredible ecosystem in Western Australia is one of thirty-five global biodiversity hotspots that comprises of only 2.3% of the Earth's land mass yet support over 50% of the world's biodiversity. Apart from atmospheric carbon sequestration, the trees planted will also provide a habitat for endangered Australian flora and fauna.

    What Our Customers Love Us

    • Cathy L.

      "A gift from my son. Now I can enjoy fresh juicers everyday😀 it’s quiet and a joy to use. No fuss, easy to clean. Love my machine!"

    • Alison S.

      "Fantastic I’ve been using nearly every day fresh orange juice is the best - highly recommend this product to start your juicing for health"

    • Nenad P.

      "We are loving the juicer. Wish we had bought is sooner."

    • Linds S.

      "would recommend, excellent quality"

    • Nenad P.

      “We are loving the juicer. Wish we had bought is sooner.”

    Why Choose Us

    • 20 Year Motor Warranty
    • Fast and Free Delivery
    • Cold Press
    • Easy Clean
    • Wide Feeding Chute
    • 55 RPM
    • 20 Year Motor Warranty
    • Fast and Free Delivery
    • Cold Press
    • Easy Clean
    • Wide Feeding Chute
    • 55 RPM


    Common Questions About slow Masticating Juicers

    The survey we conducted threw up some common questions which we were asked. Here are some of them - along with answers.

    What does cold press juicer mean?

    When we talk about a 'cold press juicer' it simply refers to the technique used to extract the juice from fruit or vegetables or other juiceable materials.

    What is the difference between a cold press juicer and a normal juicer?

    The difference between a cold press juicer and a normal juicer is that the former masticates the juicer out of the fruits and vegetables without the use of excessive heat preserving more vitamins and minerals.

    Which juicer should you choose?

    You should choose a juicer that ticks all the right boxes. One that operates at the right speed so its quick enough to make a juice before work in the morning and slow enough so that it does not produce excess heat to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants. The Naturopress Juicer does just that!.

    Traditional juicers use spinning blades that move at high speed to shred fruit and vegetables. This movement is based on a very fast centrifugal force that extracts the juices from the liquefied fruit and vegetables, separating the juice from the pulp. The motor turns the blades very quickly, around 20,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) to cut, shred and separate the liquid from the pulp.

    In contrast, cold pressing is a gentle, low-speed process that constantly presses the ingredients. To do this, a slow juicer uses a piece similar to a screw or helical mill, shaped like a pineapple, which rotates slowly.

    So a slow juicer works without exceeding 65RPM but exerts great pressure. This way the juice is extracted without cutting the ingredients or increasing the temperature.

    As a bonus - it provides super quiet juicing - producing only 50dB of noise.

    Are there differences in the juice obtained from a slow juicer and traditional blender?

    Yes, each system gives different results. Although a slow juicer and traditional juicer both produce a large amount of juice, the final product in the glass shows notable differences.

    A traditional juicer produces a large amount of juice but the texture is sometimes slightly denser and thicker, due to some residue in the liquid, a paler colour, and not entirely uniform.

    With a slow juicer, the same volume is obtained, but the result is smoother, more homogeneous and with a silky and uniform texture. The juice also has a more vivid colour when made using a slow juicer.

    Another big difference between the two is clearly seen after a few minutes pass. The juice you get from a traditional juicer begins to separate into layers that are not very attractive to the eye, with the water remaining at the bottom and the concentrate of the fruit or vegetables at the top.

    So you need to stir it vigorously to remix them if you do not drink the juice immediately.

    This is not the case with the juice obtained from a slow juicer. The juice retains its homogeneity even after several hours.

    A slow juicer prevents water from separating and no layers are created in the glass. So you can prepare the juice in advance, even the day before, and it will retain its uniform texture for longer.

    Is a cold press juicer better?

    We've already explained the main difference of a cold press or slow juicer in terms of the technique used, so what are the real advantages?

    One of the reasons that the slow juicer has become fashionable is because it produces a healthy drink containing the maximum amount of nutrients and the technique prevents oxidation.

    Does that mean a slow juicer preserves vitamins better?

    Yes, it has been shown that by avoiding extreme temperatures, juices made in a slow juicer do keep better than juices made using a regular blender or citrus juicer.

    But the more interesting difference is the ability of a slow juicer to extract the fibre while preserving a smooth texture.

    So here are the main advantages of a cold press juicer:

    • Prevents oxidation
    • Enhances the look and taste
    • Retains vitamins longer
    • Avoids darkening or separation of ingredients

    Also, the Naturopress slow juicer can press more fibrous and harder ingredients such as leafy vegetables, pomegranates, artichokes or even nuts.

    So you can prepare recipes such as milk and vegetable drinks (almond, corn, soy or walnut, for example) or green juices.

    Finally, cold press juicers with several filters and a good feeding chute make it easy to create different recipes: juices, vegetable milk, sauces and sorbets.

    The Naturopress cold press juicer gives better results than a traditional blender or citrus juicer in terms of flavour, texture and versatility in recipes.

    If you want to prepare a wide variety of juices using fruits or vegetables, with good flavour and that look appealing in the glass, then the Naturopress is the best cold press juicer you can buy!

    Do power and RPM matter in a cold pressed juicer?

    The motor power is the "force" that the motor has. So a motor with a lot of power will have more "force" when cutting the food. But in a cold press juicer, this is much less important than in normal blenders.

    Remember that a cold press juicer does not need as much power as a centrifugal blender, so even with a power of 150W, it is enough to do the job. Why? Because in a centrifugal blender the blades need to move at a very fast speed, and this requires a lot of power in the motor.

    But in a cold press juicer, no cutting action is performed. Instead, the pressure is exerted by the roller to “squeeze” the food, and much less power is required in the motor to do this.

    The more power you have, the better. Although 150W it is already sufficient, a higher power rating (the Naturopress comes with a 240W motor) makes it even easier for the juicer to press very hard food or ingredients.

    It is also useful to have a reverse function, so the roller can operate in reverse to unblock food. We already mentioned that the RPM indicates the speed at which the motor rotates, so a high RPM equates to fast operation, while a low RPM equals slow operation.

    One of the benefits of the Naturopress cold press juicer is its low RPM because the slower the press runs, the longer the ingredients spend on the roller, so more fibre is broken down and more juice is extracted.

    It's that simple - the slower it works - the longer the nutrients in the juice will be preserved.

    So which is the best cold press juicer?

    The Naturopress offers all the advantages of cold press juicers already mentioned. It also made from very high-quality BPM free components and stainless steel and comes with a comprehensive warranty. It's super easy to use and features a wide feeding chute to allow easy insertion of a wide range of fruit, veggies, and other ingredients for juicing. Also, the Naturopress cold press slow juicer is straightforward to dismantle, and you can use a regular cleaning brush to quickly clean it - and your cold press juicer will be ready for the next time you want to enjoy a super healthy and nutritious juice!

    Is the Naturopress juicer suitable for commercial use?

    The Naturopress juicer was not designed for commercial use, although some cafes do buy them we advice that you buy one of our commercial juicers.

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