A Small Guide to Cooking With Alkaline Water

A Small Guide to Cooking With Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has amazing health benefits, and is very effective for cleaning the house, but did you know that water with pH levels of 8 and 9 can improve the cooking process? 

For cooking purposes, you can even go as high as a pH of 10. This water positively impacts cooking your favorite meals in numerous ways, and you can you can get alkaline water with a pH level o your choice in no time, all by investing in a alkaline water ionizer that is connected right to your kitchen sink.

Here is a small guide for cooking with alkaline water, and we have even included several bonus tips.

Let’s Start With Food Preparation

Each cooking process starts with food preparation, and what better way to prep it than use slightly alkaline water. Using alkaline water will help remove the chemicals on the surface on fruit and vegetables, while soaking seafood in alkaline water can cut down on the fishy flavour. Soaking meat on the other hand will help with its tenderness

Alkaline water can be used for preparation of many other food as well. For example, soaking dried beans in alkaline water will make them softer. We’ll include more handy tips at the end of the blog, so stay tuned.


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Cooking With Alkaline Water

Alkaline water can be a great asset to your cooking because alkaline water helps keep the flavours of many dishes, while at the same time cutting down on acidity and bitter taste. It can be used as an enhancer to boost up flavours of rice, stews, pasta and many other similar meals since it won’t break down the flavour of the ingredients, like acidic water would. 

Not only will it protect the flavours, alkaline water will preserve many nutrients in the ingredients you use, nutrients that would usually be striped away during the cooking process.

Your coffee will taste better, your greens will be greener and your rice will be fluffier.

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Make Tasty Beverages With Alkaline Water

The water you get from alkaline water ionizer provides has the same benefits we mentioned earlier when you use it to make tea or brew your coffee. Alkaline water helps keep the flavour of your favorite smoothie, juice, iced tea or any drink you like by using it for preparation or adding alkaline water ice cubes.

Bonus Tips

Here are some additional tips for cooking with alkaline water:

  1. Soak eggs in alkaline water before boiling them to help them peel much easier once cooked;
  2. Boil your favorite pasta in slightly alkaline water, to prevent it from sticking and boost its taste;
  3. Use a bit of alkaline water when making an omelette or scrambled eggs - it will make it fluffier;
  4. Soak red meat for about half an hour in alkaline water to keep its natural flavours during cooking (and also to make it tender);
  5. When making a drink with a strong and attractive flavour - use alkaline water to enhance its natural fragrance and flavour;
  6. For fluffy final result - use alkaline water when baking instead of regular water or bottled water;

If this was enough to make you think that you really need alkaline water, not only for drinking, but for cooking and also cleaning the house, the arising questions is where do you get it? It would be pretty wasteful to purchase bottles of alkaline water. The most cost-effective and convenient thing would be to invest in an alkaline water ionizer or filter, that can be installed right in your kitchen. 

Not only will you have pure water available at all times, but you will also know that the water you drink, and use for cooking, will be clean and tasty.

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