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Alkaline Water & Tea: A Match Made in Heaven?

Apr 26, 2022

Alkaline water has many wonderful benefits for the body, and when paired with tea, they create a match made in heaven! Read more
Alkaline Water Benefits - Why You Should Drink It Daily

Apr 22, 2022

Good news is that alkaline water is easy to find – and you can even make it yourself! We recommend buying a water ioniser so you can have access to alkaline water right at your home, at all times. Read more
Benefits and Uses of Hydrogen Water

Mar 23, 2022

Is hydrogen water worth the hype, and where do you get hydrogen water? Let’s find out. Read more
Guide To Cleaning With Alkaline Water

Mar 16, 2022

Did you know that you can use alkaline water to clean almost every room in your home? Here is how to clean with alkaline water and avoid using harsh chemicals. Read more
Alkaline Water For Skin: Beauty Benefits and Uses

Mar 11, 2022

We decided to explore and better explain how alkaline water can benefit your skin and in which ways to use it. Read more
A Small Guide to Cooking With Alkaline Water

Mar 09, 2022

Alkaline water is great for your health, and cleaning the house, but did you know that water with a pH of 8 and 9 can improve the cooking process?  Here is a small guide for cooking with alkaline water, and we’ve even included some bonus tips. Read more
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