Refreshing Watermelon Cold Pressed Juice

Refreshing Watermelon Cold Pressed Juice

Craving a refreshing juice, that is also super healthy? This cold-pressed juice will hit the sport just right, as well as provide some nutrients and vitamins along the way. 

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer

Pineapples are not only delicious but are packed with flavonoids and phenolic acids, two antioxidants that do an amazing job at protecting your cells from free radicals that can cause many chronic diseases. 


  • ½ cup of watermelon 
  • 1 cup of chopped pineapple 
  • 1/4 of  grapefruit (peeled) 


Wash the fruit and veggie thoroughly and chop them into small pieces. Put the produce in the juicer in the order above. Juice one ingredient at a time to avoid any clogging.

We recommend serving the juice with some ice with fresh mint. 

If you want to make it for two or in large batches just double on all the ingredients.

  • Apr 15, 2022
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