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Commercial Juicers Are Ultra Heavy Duty Juicing Solutions to you hospitality business

They are ideal for restaurants, shops, bars and more. These handy juicing machines take fruits, veggies and greens and turn them into fresh, flavorful, and nutritious drinks.

If you have a place of business, you may wish to consider investing in a juicer, and one of quality. The best juicer will work efficiently enough for you to make fresh juice right before yours customers’ eyes. 

A feature like ready-made juice will add both flair and convenience to your company. Curious, thirsty and health-conscious customers are sure to express interest in a quick, tasty drink. Of course, this can result in another sale ultimately -and leave your customer feeling refreshed and happy.

The Commercial Cold Press Juicer For Maximum Nutrients

The first and arguably the best juicer type is the cold press juicer. As the name implies, the cold press juicer utilizes minimum heat, translating to a juice that will be preserved for an impressive amount of time: up to 72 hours, ideally.

The commercial cold press juicer tends to be a bit pricey compared to its centrifugal counterparts. However, this is because they spare little expense when it comes to quality. You will get what you pay for here, certainly.

The Nutrisantos #65 is One of the Best commercial Cold Press Juicers Out There

With an Aluminum body and stainless steel food zone, this juicer looks, in a word, sleek. This high-tech appearance is no lie. This special kitchen juicer is designed with many state-of-the-art features, for juices of the optimum quality.

One of the more noteworthy facets of this juice extractor is that you can control the speed, as well as the filtration size. The speed can be set anywhere between 50 and 8rpm, conveniently. Simply use the control to create the juice texture that you desire. This high customization ability is a real kitchen luxury.

This Nutrisantos #65 is specially specially to minimize the oxidation and separation in your drink, contributing to the highest quality juice drinking experience ultimately.

This is a cold press juicer, so it uses and induction motor. These are said to help extract as many of the enzymes, minerals and vitamins from the juice as possible. Low rpm juicers like this are recommended highly.

The Nutrisantos #65 also has a strong focus on practicality. The chute is large enough to fit whole fruits! This renders the tedious task of chopping produce obsolete. Clearly, this is a fantastic aspect for an equipment commercial juicer to have.

Finally, the juicing system as well as the pusher can be removed, and are dishwasher-safe. This makes cleaning the juicer nice and easy -from start to finish, the Nutrisantos #65 truly is a breeze to use.

Commercial Centrifugal Juicers

Unlike a cold press juicer, a special centrifugal juicer works very quickly. Those that have small chutes for produce, though, actually tend to be more slow. This is due to the time needed to chop food like veggies and fruits appropriately. 

Fortunately, these commercial centrifugal juice have a chutes that can accommodate most whole produce. This means little chopping will be necessary.  

Centrifugal juicers are more affordable than the commercial cold press alternative as well, especially when there is a sale.

Juicemaster Professional - Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Perfect for a business-owner on the go, the Juicemaster Professional juice extractor can be left running in the kitchen briefly while you are away. This makes it an automatic food juicer. The machine will produce juice and eject pulp continually. A 75mm feeding spout allows for most whole fruits and veggies. The Juicemaster Professional can also juice greens smoothly. To use this as a citrus juicer, the peels will have to be removed initially.

Santos #50C - Centrifugal Juicer

The Santos #50C is another automatic juicer that can produce juice and eject pulp without much assistance. This commercial juicer takes safety seriously! This is wise, considering that these food juicers are powerful enough to turn whole, solid fruits into liquid juice.  To use the Santos #50C as a citrus juicer, first get rid of the peels.

Safety features of the commercial kitchen Santos #50C include an electric brake. This will bring the machine to a full stop in case of an emergency or the like. The motor is also protected from thermal overload to avoid overheating and for machine longevity.

The commercial Santos #50C has a spout that is 200mm high, which allows it to accommodate blender containers, jugs, glasses, and more. This is very useful in terms of flexibility.

This juicer has a motor speed of 3000 to 3300 rpm and can produce upwards of 1 liter a minute.

Santos #68C - Centrifugal Juicer

The cover, bowl and base of the commercial automatic juicer Santo #60 are made of stainless steel. The cover, blade and juice bowl are also stainless steel. Some of the juicer is made of cast aluminum. The Santo #60C has a very modern appearance and appeal.

This juicer bakery equipment is basic to put together, and to use. The basket just needs to be put in the juicer and it is food ready. Remember to remove the peels when using this as a citrus juicer, advisably.

Also worth mentioning is the patented locking/unlocking safety system for the Santos #68C. The juicer has a motor protected from thermal overload, for additional security.

This juicer can produce and eject pulp constantly. There is an electric brake to stop the juicer immediately if necessary.

As you can see, there are many extraordinary juicers out there, to meet your requirements individually. 

Are you looking for a juicer that can juice fruit whole? A citrus juicer? Would you like a cold press juice or a quick centrifugal-made one?  Both cold press and centrifugal juice makers can do a great job at juicing produce. The choice for you depends entirely on budget, and any other preferences you may have personally.  You can also keep an eye out for a sale.

Any of these juicers would make an excellent choice. Invest in a quality juicer, and you and your customers can indulge in delicious, nutritious juice each work day.