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Vacuum blender

3 best Vacuum blenders: The Ideal kitchen Companion

A good vacuum blender is one the best appliance to adorn your kitchen with. Although vacuum technology in the blending industry is still fairly new, vacuum sealed packaging and canning processes help to keep food fresher for longer to prolong the shelf life of your soups, sauces, smoothies, nut butters and other blended foods.

To our dear smoothie lovers, this is aimed at better blending results. Now you don't have to care on the fitness of your rickety old kitchen blender or juicers can go all out on your crunchy recipes or if you need to blend intermittently to get that delicious smooth result.

How does a vacuum blender work?

The Vacuum blender removes oxygen from the jug prior to blending, this in turn results in minimal bubbles, reduces foam,loss of vitamin and lessens the separation in your juices and smoothies. Although vacuum blending hasn't been around for quite some time, its development sprung out of the need to find a lasting solution to defects associated with regular blending when it comes to a variety of ingredients.

Things to consider when shopping for one

Before you shop, ensure it satisfies these pointers.

  • blender vacuum speediness; vacuum blending is all about air suction , if it's not fast enough it's probably not the right choice. wit this quality It can perform certain functions that conventional types are unable to perform. 
  • Capacity of the jug: celery, carrots, banana even larger fruits or food chunk menu needs to fit in perfectly, no one like to keep turning out blended content to make room for more.To make your work easy, it is advisable to go for a grinders and blenders with high capacity helps with different fruits.
  • Power:  makes it an ideal appliance for busy mornings when you are running short of time, as it requires shorter time when blending.
  • Material: although it has no direct effect on its performance , the choice of material is important for health reasons.  Health experts advice that it is better to go for poly carbonate glass jar instead of plastic, as they are BPA free.
  • Cost: Although being overpriced doesn't necessarily translate to quality. go for an affordable product that will perform excellently as well as save you a lot of money.

1. BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender

BioChef Astro vacuum Blenders Take blending to the next level. It comes with an  Innovative High Performance 1000w Motor suited  to increase the shelf life of your blended foods and smoothie. It is good for a wide variety of task such as Juice making, and various ingredients. One thing is certain, your smoothie game is about to change.


  • Capacity jar= 750ml Borosilicate Glass Jug
  • Storage Container=700ml
  • Color= Metallic,
  • Working capacity jar= 1.8, L
  • Cord length= 1, m
  • Material blade= Stainless Steel,juicers
  • Material jar/ accessories= Tritan,
  • Material of main body= SS,


  • Powerful 1000W motor for smoother blends
  • Japanese Stainless Steel Blades
  • 1000 W electric output
  • 2-year worldwide warranty
  • LED Touch Panel
  • Detachable blades for easy rinsing Up to 35000 rpm
  • Preset program smoothie blending
  • Dishwasher safe poly carbonate jar /juicers and accessories


  • Thanks to its wide range of manual options, these vacuum blenders can quickly adjust to handle different ingredients.
  • it is quiet dishwasher-friendly as it has a good number of dishwasher-safe parts (except for the blade unit) for straight forward maintenance. you can easily clean that part with a quick rinse then store. takes out the oxygen from the juicer jar before blending reducing bubbles, foam, and lessen juice separation better than juice roughly blended ice cubes thus enhancing the freshness of your smoothies.
  • it finely extracts the juice in fruits, food, vegetables, and nuts recipes to facilitate easy absorption with each drink according to online reviews.
  • 2 Year Warranty, Free shipping & 30 day free returns

2. BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blenders

BioChef Living Food vacuum Blenders comes with a revolutionary vacuum blender intensity capable of leaving your green smoothies oxidation free for 12 hours! it works perfectly on a wide range of smoothie recipes.

The BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender features a 6-pronged blade system made from Japanese stainless steel, with 4 serrated bowl-hugging blades and 2 central, smaller and upwards facing blades. The combination of the two types and directions of blades creates a funnel or whirlpool effect, drawing the produce up and over into the blades repeatedly. This is why the BioChef Living vacuum Blenders are able to grind grains, coffee and wheat into a fine powder.

perfect for making juices and vegetable drinks. With a quality not matched by many blenders in the business, the BioChef Living Food can function both as a regular type and as a vacuum blender.


  • 1680 watt commercial motor 
  • 3 pre-set programmes
  • 1.5 Liter BPA Free Tritan plastic jug/ juicers
  • Colors available: white, red, black
  • Weight: 5.87 kg
  • Dimensions: 52.5 cm H x 24.6 cm W x 27.5 cm D
  • Optional extras: additional smaller wet/dry Titan jug


  • Tamper with temperature monitor
  • BioChef Blending accessories
  • Adaptor plug
  • Adaptor for food bags
  • European ergonomic design
  • Silicone seal
  • Energy saving mode
  • Swipe Panel build-ins & 6 Automated Programs - for good blending.
  • BioChef Living Food Manual with recipe ideas
  • BioChef Blending Accessory Manual
  • Includes: Smoothie Bottle, juicers, Hungry for Change DVD, Subscription to Food Matters TV Channel, BioChef Recipe Book
  • Tamper with Digital Temperature Display - control the temperature of your foods as they are blending
  • Automatic micro safety contact switch


  • Advanced vacuum blender system preserves produce and creates a better consistency. The on-board microprocessor will adjust its fastness depending on the ingredients and to also to give the best results for what you are trying to create.
  • EPT (Enzyme Protection Technology) - retain the living nutrients & enzymes in your baby food
  • Advanced Japanese Stainless Steel Blade system operating at 25,000 RPM
  • 2 Year warranty on motor and parts
  • Warranty Includes: 1 x Tumbler, 4 x Storage Containers, 3 Vacuum blender Bags and 1 Wine Stopper

3. BioChef AirFree Vacuum Blender

Stay on top of your healthy lifestyle with BioChef AirFree Vacuum Blenders . It offers the latest development in blending . Indeed a smart ultra quick solution, the BioChef AirFree Vacuum Blenders are excellent kitchen choices to go for. The AirFree will create a smoothie that is noticeably brighter in color, has a smoother consistency, and stays tasting fresh for longer.

It comes with a 3-in-1 Handy Program and One-Touch Control Finely Tuned build-ins.Three pre-set programmes make the BioChef one of the most user-friendly Products in the market.

With a Japanese Stainless Steel Blades at 25,000 RPMs, these blades spin 25,000 times per minute to pulverize even the toughest ingredients. they are tough and extremely resistant to rust or decay. An A.I. sensor automatically stops the blending process when the food has reached the appropriate consistency.The minimalist design is quiet portable and can perfectly fit into travel luggage and tight spaces in cars. it costs around $$499 at the website.

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  • Powerful 800 watt motor
  • 3 pre-set programmes
  • Advanced Japanese Stainless Steel Blade system operating at 25,000 RPM
  • 1.5 Litre BPA Free Tritan plastic jug
  • Includes: 1 x Tumbler, 4 x Storage Containers, 3 Vacuum Bags and 1 Wine Stopper
  • BioChef AirFree Manual with recipe ideas
  • Vacuum Hose


  • Control Dial
  • Advanced blending technology system preserves produce and creates a better consistency
  • Advanced Vacuum System - preserves produce and creates a better consistency
  • Japanese Stainless Steel Blades - these spin 25,000 times per minute to pulverize even the toughest ingredients
  • 3 Handy Programs and One-Touch Controls
  • 2 Year Warranty on motor and parts


  • The 450ml tumbler is good for active lifestyles allowing you to keep on the move. Thus Preparing produce for your smoothies, juices and meals couldn’t be easier.
  • The included vacuum bags are good for storing dehydrated foods, nuts and seeds. You can even preserve leftover wine using the AirFree’s included wine stopper and juicers
  • The AirFree process creates a smoothie that is noticeably brighter in color, has a smoother consistency, and stays tasting fresh for longer.
  • 2 Year warranty on motor and part

Will Vitamix make a vacuum blender?

No because you can now blend with your vitamix! Also, Naturopress offer affordable range of jug and accessory that can fit onto a vitamix.

Recent news has it that the BioChef Blenders will fit most Vitamix Blenders, and will also give you the ability to blend with your Vita-mix. Naturopress is a premium health and wellness brand with a cold press juicer as its flagship product.

The new BioChef 2L jug is one of BioChef newest releases that can fit into a Vitamix.  It is available for purchase as a spare or replacement jug and pump for your BioChef Living Food Blenders. After numerous experiments it was discovered that the jug is very compatible with Vitamix, and can serve as a conversion kit enabling you to turn your Vitamix into a blender! costs $279.


  • Fully Automatic Pump For consistently nutrient-rich results
  • Blend in your Vitamix using this BioChef conversion kit
  • Durable, heavy duty BPA-free material
  • Easy to use with automatic-stop function
  • Minimizes oxidation of smoothie inside the blenders
  • Specifically-designed Japanese Stainless Steel blades to blend dry ingredients
  • Compatible with most Vitamix blenders
  • speed vacuum blender


The BioChef brand comes in different models and configurations, all good in their own aspect. however, the most important factors to look out for is the product suitability to your need and lifestyle. Never hesitate to read through online review, check for common faults associated with a particular product and compare before.

There are several BioChef brands to choose from in Australia . however, these three have topped our list in view of their durability,customer reviews, shopping ease, delivery and usage conditions simply login to our website, create an account using a valid email and proceed to shop for an appliances of your choice.