Alkaline water ionizer for half the price

Why pay more when you can get a high-quality water ionizer that produces alkaline water for half the price of our competitors!

Alkaline water ionizer for half the price

Why pay more when you can get a high-quality water ionizer that produces alkaline water for half the price of our competitors!

Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Australia's Best Value Alkaline Water Ionizer with filtration

  • Water Ionizer with 8 Platinum coated Titanium plates
  • 6 Settings for Both Acid and Alkaline waters
  • pH Range between 2.5 - 11.2 (recommended drinking is 9.5)
  • Dual filtration - filters out most contaminants like fluoride, chlorine and nitrates.
  • 9000-litre filter life
  • Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) +500 to -800MV
  • Self-cleaning function - No chemicals are required
  • External mineral port
  • 15 year+ Manufacturer life expectancy
  • Extended Warranty 
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Half the price of our competitors!



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Naturopress Thunder Alkaline Water Ionizer

Our Flagship product that is taking Australia by storm!

Our flagship filtration product is the Naturopress Thunder Alkaline Water Ionizer with dual filtration technology. We are incredibly excited about sharing this product with you for several reasons. Firstly, we know the importance of filtering tap water of all contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine and nitrates, to name a few. That's why we included not only one filter but two filters in this machine that does just that. Secondly, we are incredibly excited about some of the research on ionized alkaline water rich in hydrogen atoms in Japan and around the world. Thirdly, we are disappointed at some of our competitors' prices; we could barely find a similar quality machine under $4000 while the upper end is $6000. This is disheartening because most people do not have this out-of-pocket expense for water filtration. We found out that the companies with inflated prices were nothing more than multi-level marketing companies inflating the costs and paying exorbitant affiliate commissions. So we decided to price our products less than half the price of our leading competitors and the water produced is EXACTLY the same while the quality of our machines is arguably better.

Product Highlights

  • 8 platinum coated titanium plates for water electrolysis
  • pH levels from 2.5 to 11.2
  • Produces hydrogen rich antioxidant water.
  • Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) levels from 550mv to -850mv
  • 9000 litre filter life
  • LCD screen tracks filter life, water pH and ORP
  • The mineral port at the top of the system to add minerals as needed
  • 6 in-built pH settings (both acidic and alkaline)
  • Self cleaning technology (no chemicals required)
  • Built-in dual filters with 4 stages (PP cotton, KDF, Active carbon, fiber carbon)
  • Dual filters with 4 stage filtration process removing most contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine and nitrates.
  • 15+ years manufacturers life expectancy


  • Naturopress water bottle
  • Built-in dual filters
  • Extended warranty
  • 1 tree planted for every ionizer purchased
  • Fast and Free Delivery

  • Extended warranty

  • Self cleaning

  • Titanium with platinum coating

  • LCD screen

  • Built-in dual filters

Reasons You Should Buy an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

Well, it's established that we should be filtering our tap water, but why should we ionize our water with molecular hydrogen and make it alkaline? First of all, ionized water is completely different to the alkaline water you will find in some bottled water brands. In bottled alkaline water, it is the mineral content that makes the water alkaline, and there are no hydrogen electrons. Bottled water has no antioxidant properties and the bottle has probably leached toxic plastic into the water. PET plastic leaches into bottle water and is an endocrine disruptor, leading to potential disease and infertility high exposures over long periods.

The Naturopress Thunder difference…

The water produced by the Naturopress thunder is both filtered of contaminants and then electrolysed to make it alkaline and rich in electrons. Japan has been spearheading the research on this water and these machines are considered medical devices. The research has found the following benefits of hydrogen rich ionised alkaline water:

  • It is an antioxidant that may directly scavenge free radicals and diminish inflammation directly or indirectly by upregulating the body's endogenous antioxidants
  • Has an anti-diabetic effect
  • Increased longevity in nematodes and mice
  • Beneficial effect on reduction of hemodialysis-induced oxidative stress
  • Protection of liver from toxic agents

The Two Stages of Water Ionization: Filtration and Electrolysis

Contaminants like heavy metals, nitrates, fluoride, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals pass through four phases of filtration via two water filters.

  • 01
    Stage 1:

    Your tap water passes through two water filters that go through four stages of filtration. All types of contaminants get filtered, including fluoride, chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals, and other chemicals that may have made it into the water supply.

  • 02
    Stage 2:

    Eight platinum-coated titanium plates transform the newly filtered water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water through a process of electrolysis. The alkaline water ionizer converts the filtered tap water into water with a pH level of 2.5 (acid) to 11.2 (alkaline). The Naturopress Thunder has six built-in pH settings, from acidic to alkaline.

  • 03
    Ionized Water

    Your water is transformed and ready to be consumed or used as you see fit. There are many different uses for water across the pH range. For example, Acidic water can be used for low-tox cleaning or as beauty water. You can use Alkaline water for drinking or removing pesticide residues from your fresh produce. There are up to 60 different uses for your machine!

Clean, Antioxidant-rich Water Straight From Your Tap

At Naturopress, we think it's incredible that you can now filter your water AND transform it into hydrogen-rich alkaline water that is a potent antioxidant. Tea and coffee are among the leading sources of antioxidants consumed these days because of how few natural antioxidants people consume in as fruit and vegetables. Now you can boost your and your family's antioxidant intake just by changing the water you typically drink with the Naturopress Thunder!

Top Reasons to Invest In Naturopress Thunder Alkaline Water Ionizer?

  • Over half the price compared to our leading competitors
  • High quality machine with 15+ years manufacturers life expectancy
  • Self cleaning
  • Long 9000 L filter life
  • Produce alkaline hydrogen-rich antioxidant water
  • Free shipping

What is the difference between the silver and black models of the Naturopress water ionizers?

The Naturopress water ionizers come in two models: the silver model, known as the Alkaline Water Ionizer, and the black model, referred to as the Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine. While both models offer excellent water filtration and ionization capabilities, there are a few key differences between them:

  • Dual Filtration System: The silver model (Alkaline Water Ionizer) features a dual filtration system, which includes fibre carbon and active carbon filters. This system effectively filters out most contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, and nitrates, ensuring the water you drink is clean and safe. On the other hand, the black model (Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine) has a single filtration system.
  • Water Heating Function: The silver model has the added advantage of a water heating function, which the black model does not offer. This feature allows the silver model to warm the water, providing additional convenience for users.
  • Price: The silver model is priced higher than the black model, reflecting its additional features and capabilities.

In summary, while both models provide excellent water ionization and filtration, the silver model offers additional features such as dual filtration and water heating. Your choice between the two would depend on your specific needs and budget.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Technical Specifications

  • Power supply (SMPS): AC220V, 50H or 110v, 60HZ
  • Electrolyzing power: 210 ~ 80W
  • Standby power: 1.5W
  • Heating power: 2000W + 10%
  • Input water pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa
  • Working water TDS range: 50 ~ 1200
  • Working flow rate range: 1.0 ~ 4.0L/min
  • Plates material: Titanium with platinum coating
  • Number of plates: 15cm*9cm
  • Number of plates: 8
  • Continuous strong electrolyzing ability: 30 mins
  • Water filter life: 9000 L (1-2 Years)
  • pH value: 2.5 to 11.2
  • ORP value: +500 to -800MV
  • The highest water temperature for continuous working: 58 °C / 136.4 °F
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Size: Height 380mm*width 280 mm*depth 175 mm