Ice Baths


Ice Baths

Naturopress Ice Bath for Sale - Home and Commercial use

Always Clean, always cold. Recover faster, reduce muscle soreness, and improve overall health with one of the top ice baths for sale on the market.

  • Affordable cold immersion therapy for home or small business
  • Choose from either portable/inflatable or permanent cast stone designs
  • Cools down to 3°C (32°F)
  • AC Cable with leakage protection switch
  • Built-in high efficiency ozone sterilization
  • Option to control operation with iOS or Android App
  • 370L tub capacity
  • 30-35 kg portable ice bath set equipped with carry handle and transport wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in self-priming system
  • 610W or 710W input power
  • 480W or 605W compressor power
  • Automatic start/stop and constant temperature system
  • Anti-freeze system and overheating protection
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cooling time as low as 1.2 hours
  • Customizable colors
  • Permanent ice tub comes available in 6 beautiful shapes and sizes and includes wooden stool
  • One year warranty

Naturopress Ice Baths

Invigorating Ice Baths for the Home or Garden

Whether you call it an ice bath, cold tub, cold spa, or cold plunge, cold immersion therapy is the latest therapeutic trend that many brave bathers feel aids in the relief of everything from muscle aches and pains to the symptoms of anxiety, depression, dementia, and even low testosterone.

Our revolutionary Naturopress ice baths use quality craftsmanship and powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation components to give you cold, clean water whenever, and wherever, you want it. Whether you plan to make an ice tub a permanent fixture in your home or yard, or you want to take it with you on your travels for on-the-road muscle recovery, we have the perfect ice bathtub for you at an excellent price.

The Naturopress ice bath was created with convenience and value in mind. The built-in high efficiency ozone sterilization system means you spend more time investing in your health and wellbeing and less time—and money—cleaning and maintaining your ice bath. We’ve even made it simple to operate your cold bath by partnering with a smart app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Two different ice chillers let you choose how much horsepower you need to help reduce inflammation and sooth those stiff joints and body aches. And a variety of customizable sizes and color options make selecting the most aesthetically pleasing cold spa for your home or business an enjoyable task.

Commercial Ice baths for Gyms and Spas

Gyms and Spas for Bath

Walking into a gym and seeing a hot tub would be no surprise, but how about a cold tub? Athletes of all skill and fitness levels are touting the benefits of cold water exposure as a way to recover from intense workouts or improve mental health. Set your small fitness center or health spa apart by incorporating cold water immersion therapy into your offerings.

24/7 Services

Our cast stone ice tubs come in 6 different shapes and sizes to fit every space, from an indoor cold therapy room to a chill outdoor oasis. With a built-in ozone disinfecting system and external water filter, maintaining the cleanliness of your ice therapy tub is easy and efficient. Manufactured with high quality materials and parts that can work 24/7, our ice generators cool water down to 3 degrees Celsius, or 37 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 70 minutes with up to 605 units of horsepower.

Easy Installation

Easy installation, sturdy packaging, and discounts for bulk purchases make adding a Naturopress ice bath to your gym or spa a revenue-building decision you won’t regret. It may even be the one time your clients won’t mind a chilly reception!

Portable Ice Baths

Not ready to plunge into a commitment with a permanent cold bath tub or want to be able to easily take your own ice bath with you on the road? Our 16 kg (35 lb.) inflatable ice baths are the perfect solution for your non-permanent cold water therapy sessions.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and equipped with both a carry handle and transport wheels, this quiet portable cold tub is perfect to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Just use the included hand pump to inflate your therapeutic ice bath, fill it with up to 370L (97 gallons) of water, stretch out in the 53” long tub, and feel the anxiety, inflammation, and muscle soreness dissipate.

Available in a range of customizable colors and with the choice of two different ice chiller speeds (480W or 605W), finding the most suitable cold-water bath for your needs is simple. Assembly is stress-free with the included hose pipe and quick connectors, and the option of using an app on iOS and Android devices makes operation effortless.

If you’re ready to experience the therapeutic benefits of ice bathing, dip right in and check out our cool selection of portable ice baths!