Naturopress Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Naturopress Affiliate Program, a unique opportunity for health and wellness advocates to expand their platforms with top-tier products while boosting their earnings through attractive commissions.

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Naturopress Affiliate Program comission and payment terms:

  • 10% comission per sale
  • Net 15 or net 30 payment schedule

Our flagship Naturopress Cold Press Juicer is a perfect blend of functionality and style, designed to process a wide array of ingredients. From robust fruits and vegetables to delicate leafy greens, this juicer maximizes nutrient extraction. This makes it a valuable addition to any health and wellness journey, and a fantastic product to promote in the rapidly growing Australian market. As an affiliate, you can capitalize on this trend, offering a quality product that aligns with the interests of health-conscious consumers.

Next in our lineup is the competitively priced Naturopress Alkaline Water Ionisers. This practical solution for everyday hydration habits offers alkaline, ionized water, renowned for improved hydration and antioxidant properties. It is often retailing at half the price of other ionisers, offering your audience an affordable entry into the ionized water market. Incorporating the Alkaline Water Ioniser into your promotions can enhance your reach and conversions.

Our Naturopress Ice Bath is a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts, offering a host of benefits including muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, and improved sleep. This product capitalises on the increasing interest in health and wellness practices, bringing the power of cold therapy right into the homes of your audience. Promoting the Naturopress Ice Bath can elevate your affiliate marketing efforts, reaching out to the growing market of individuals who understand the value of recovery and restorative practices.

By joining the Naturopress Affiliate Program, you align yourself with a brand that champions health and wellness while also promoting sustainable living. We offer bi-weekly and monthly payment terms, with a starting commission rate of 10%. Enhance your business, earn substantial commissions, and help your audience embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle with Naturopress.