Naturopress Juice
Cleanse Retreat Sydney


2-7th May 2021
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  • Check-in on Sunday 2nd May, at 4 pm.

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Juice Fasting Retreat

Find Out Why Sydney are Residents So Excited for this Year’s Juice Fasting Retreat

The Most Comprehensive Juice Fast/ Detox Retreat in Australia. Retreat Date: 2-7th May 2021. The Naturopress juice cleanse retreat aims to provide the ultimate juice cleansing/ detox experience. With transformational benefits that remain with you long after the retreat is over. The all-inclusive five-day wellness retreat program supports your essential health objectives. Primary wellbeing areas, such as weight loss, gut health and improved energy levels, will be fully addressed. During the program, you will experience first-hand the benefits of the juice/fasting detox method. You'll experience the benefits of the daily Juice Detox Retreat program, while having plenty of time to rest and renew amidst the beautiful surrounding. The daily program includes valuable and potentially life-changing educational sessions. These holistic health sessions are specifically curated to enhance your wellbeing.

Juice Detox Retreat Highlights

  • Enjoy a 5-day juice detox retreat with like minded people in a lush retreat setting.
  • Group exercise and wellness program included.
  • Get a free Naturopress cold press juicer with every juicer sold.
  • Naturopress' founder Charles Gumbley will present two specialist educational workshops.
  • These practical educational workshops focus on the benefits of juicing and plant-based nutrition. Providing you with the fundamentals of plant-based healing methods.
  • These workshops will enhance your overall well-being and give you the confidence and know-how to maintain your plant-based diet into the future.
  • A specialist, Rapid Transformational Therapy session, focused on programming the mind for health, vitality, healing and happiness.
  • Breathwork sessions.
  • Daily yoga, meditation and massage sessions are all part of the retreat experience.
  • The beautiful natural environment.

Early Bird Pricing on this  Once In a Lifetime Juice Detox Retreat

We have 6 early pricing tickets left at 10% off standard ticket prices. As soon as they are gone the tickets will be charged at the standard rate. Book now to get your early bird ticket to avoid disappointment.

Wellness Retreat Accommodations

The accommodation comprises queen, single, twin and triple share room options, all with ensuite bathrooms. Prices are on a per-person basis, and you can book a room for yourself or share. We also have bell tents that can sleep up to two people with single, twin and queen options. The rooms are comfortable and located near the gym and pool.

Bonus Gift

Included in the retreat package is a Naturopress Cold-Press Juicer

worth $399

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The Juice Dexox Retreat Centre

The Naturopress Juice Cleanse is hosted in a Retreat centre at Kenthurst; fifty-five minutes’ drive from central Sydney. The Retreat is set on sixty acres of lush bushland. It's the ideal location to get away from the stress of busy lives and focus on self-care, wellness, health and rejuvenation.

The program includes full use of all the Centre's facilities, including a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, a tennis and basketball court, a reading room, and two yoga/meditation studios

The Health Retreat Program

Check-in on Sunday 2nd May, at 4 pm.

After settling into your accommodation, we begin the retreat with a delicious shared meal. This meal is plant-based. After dinner, we move into our first group meeting. In this meeting, we orient you to the retreat centre and will discuss the program in depth. You will meet each member of the retreat team personally and meet your fellow attendees informally. Retreats are a wonderful place to meet like-minded people who could potentially become friends or connections for life.

We finish the evening with a relaxing intention setting meditation.The whole retreat program is open to you. It's your choice as to what to participate in and when.On some days you may decide to lie by the pool or read a book in one of the hammocks. Or, you may choose to go for a relaxing bush walk with a new friend you meet at the retreat. It's up to you and your needs at the time. The retreat workshop topics will change daily, along with the health and wellbeing educational sessions offered.

Retreat Day

  • 7:00 - 8:00 am

    Bushwalk & Breathwork
  • 8:30 - 9:30 am

  • 10 am

    First Juice
  • 10:30 - 11:30 am

    Group personal training
  • 11:30 - 1:00 pm

    Free time
  • 1 pm

    Second Juice
  • 1:30 - 3:00 pm

  • 4 pm

    Third Juice
  • 4:30 - 5:30 pm

  • 7 pm

    Fourth Juice
  • 7:30 pm


The Health & Well-Being Workshops

Therapeutic Juicing Workshop

In this workshop, Charles Gumbley, Naturpress’' founder will educate you on how to simply implement juicing into your life. To support your ongoing health and vitality.

Charles will discuss:
  • The fundamentals and benefits of juicing.
  • Knowledge of different types of juicers and how to use them efficiently.
  • How to safely undertake a juice cleanse.
  • How to include juicing into a well-balanced diet.

Plant-Based Nutrition Workshop

In this workshop, Charles will take you through the necessary steps to successfully integrate the life-enhancing results from the retreat into your post-retreat life.

  • You will learn the benefits of plant-based nutritional eating.
  • You will learn how to organically implement and integrate a sustainable plant based diet into your daily routine.
  • How to achieve your desired weight
  • Most importantly, support yourself and your family with a with a wellness and longevity focused eating regime.
  • Handouts and checklists are provided for your ongoing referral.

Breathwork Workshop

Breathwork is an awesome way to change one's state very quickly by harnessing the power of the breath. During this workshop one of our Yogis will teach you a variety of breathwork techniques to reduce stress and energise the body.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Workshop

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy pioneered by Marisa Peer. Marissa is a therapist to royalty and A-list celebrities. She named Rapid Transformational Therapy for its reputation of achieving rapid transformation with her clients- usually within one session. We will be holding a group Rapid Transformational Therapy session on the retreat, facilitated by a therapist trained by Marissa. This session will focus on programming the mind for health, vitality, healing and happiness. A standard Rapid Transformational Therapy session can cost up to $2000. We are excited to offer you such an incredibly valuable workshop as part of the retreat.

Benefits of the Juice Cleanse / fast method

The backbone of the retreat is the Juice fast. The specific Juice Cleanse formula used in the daily juices, during the retreat, provides an environment for the body to heal itself naturally. The Juice fasting detox floods the body with essential nutrients, live enzymes, and other phytochemicals, these fundamental building blocks of wellbeing, promote healing and replace deficient nutrients. We are all aware our modern diet is filled with toxic substances such as pesticides, additives, preservatives and sometimes heavy metals. A juice cleanse helps the body rest from the intake of these toxins, while simultaneously allowing the body to go through its innate detoxification and reset process. People who undertake a juice fast report shedding excess weight, improvement in digestive system function and an all-over feeling of wellbeing. These results are due to the detoxification process and the juice cleansing fasts' ability to provide much needed 'gut rest' while altering the gut microbiome favourably for enhanced weight loss, and removal of toxins from the body.

Clinical Studies on Participating in a Juice Cleanse Program

Scientific evidence on juice fasting remains anecdotal. However, clinical research studies have revealed the following encouraging findings concerning the medical benefits of juice fasting. In 1979, 16 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were put on fruit and vegetable juice fast for seven-ten days, followed by a lactovegetarian diet (1). One-third of the patients improved during the fast, while all patients deteriorated when milk products were reintroduced into their diet. Similarly, in 1982 patients placed on a juice fast saw a reduction in intestinal permeability, this intestinal permeability increased again with a lactovegetarian diet (2). Intestinal permeability is known as 'leaky gut'. Leaky gut has been associated with inflammatory/auto-immune conditions including and not limited to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (3,4). Another study looked at the effects of a three-day juice diet and found that it favourably altered the gut microbiome for weight loss. Furthermore, markers of oxidation and body weight reduced while wellbeing scores increased (5).

Juice fasting in the media

Juice fasting has made it to the big screen. You may have seen the documentaries Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Super Juice Me. NaturoRetreats highly recommends watching both documentaries carefully before the retreat if you haven't seen them yet. These documentaries share the real-life stories of people who have benefited from juice cleansing. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is an award-winning film documenting the transformation of Joe Cross – a person who was morbidly obese and managed to turn his health around by drinking only fruit and vegetable juice. The film Super Juice Me is a documentary made by author Jason Vale. The documentary follows eight people, who suffered from a combined total of twenty-two diseases, while they embarked on a twenty-eight-day juice fast. The documentary tackles conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis, Chron's Disease, Lupus, Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity, and more to improve or find a cure for all of these conditions. The results were transformational.

The Juices

Our retreat juices are served in an extra-large sized glass. They are specially formulated to keep you energised and satisfied. The juice recipes are full of flavour and will provide you with optimal nutrients while promoting healing. Naturopress uses the finest plant-based ingredients sourced from local organic farms in Australia. All of our juices are cold-pressed using a Cold Press Juicer. Cold-pressing juice guarantees you receive the maximum available vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and live enzyme from the fresh produce.

Refund Guarantee

In the unfortunate event that the retreat can not proceed due to Covid-19 all money paid by you to attend will be refunded in full.

Additional information

What to bring

Casual attire is the order of the day. Comfortable clothes such as tracksuits and the like are suitable for all year round wear and are also suitable for exercising in. Personal toiletries, including soap are the responsibility of guests. Swimwear and an extra towel for use in the ‘wet areas’ is also essential. Comfortable shoes (but preferably old) for bushwalking. A hat & sunscreen and other sun protection is essential. Naturally we request that you leave all food and drugs* at home. (except prescription). *includes cigarettes and alcohol.

How to get here

Come by your own transport or take an Uber/Taxi from the Rouse Hill Metro Railway station (subject to availability). For guests travelling from interstate or overseas there is a convenient local shuttle bus company, which will pick you up from the airport and take you to our front door. (Hillz Shuttlz Ph: 1300 650 336)

Where are we

We are set in 60 bushland acres in the beautiful Hills district, a mere 35 kilometres North West of Sydney. The area is generally known for its market gardens, orchards, herb gardens and plant nurseries.

Covid-19 compliance

The retreat centre is Covid-19 compliant and adheres to all current Government Covid-19 measures.