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Introducing the Kuvings SV400 4th Generation Pro Vacuum Blender, your gateway to a healthier lifestyle, designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience. With its state-of-the-art vacuum technology, this blender ensures that your smoothies, dips, and sauces retain their nutritional value, taste, and color by minimizing oxidation.

    Colour Variations:
  • Sleek and modern, the SV400 is available in an elegant grey finish that perfectly complements any kitchen decor.

  • Vacuum Blending Mode: Enter the era of vacuum blending with the Kuvings SV400. This cutting-edge mode is more than just a feature; it's a revolution in the blending world. By removing air from the jug before the blending process begins, the SV400 ensures that your smoothies, juices, and purees are not only richer in taste but also in nutritional value. The absence of air means less oxidation, which preserves the vibrant colors, essential nutrients, and freshness of your ingredients. This method is perfect for health-conscious individuals seeking to maximize the nutritional benefits of their meals.
  • Noise Reduction Cover: The innovative noise reduction cover of the SV400 is designed for those who appreciate the peace of their kitchen environment. This advanced feature significantly reduces the noise generated during blending, allowing you to prepare your favorite recipes without disturbing the tranquility of your home. Whether it's early morning or late at night, you can blend without worry, making your kitchen a more serene place to create and enjoy.
  • Super Strong Power Motor: At the heart of the SV400 lies a super strong power motor, engineered to handle even the most challenging ingredients with ease. From hard fruits and vegetables to nuts and ice, this blender's motor ensures smooth, efficient blending every time. Its robust construction guarantees longevity and reliability, allowing you to explore a wide range of textures and recipes with confidence.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode: The self-cleaning mode of the SV400 is a testament to Kuvings' commitment to convenience and innovation. With just a touch of a button, the blender initiates a powerful cleaning cycle that reaches every nook and cranny of the jug, ensuring a thorough clean without the hassle. This feature not only saves time but also encourages regular use of the blender, knowing that cleanup will be effortless.
  • Soup Mode: The soup mode feature of the SV400 invites you to expand your culinary repertoire. This unique setting allows you to heat and blend ingredients simultaneously, creating sumptuous soups, sauces, and even compotes with minimal effort. The ability to cook and blend in one step not only enhances the flavors of your dishes but also preserves the nutrients, making every meal a gourmet experience.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Kuvings stands behind the quality of the SV400 with a comprehensive 12-month warranty on the motor. This warranty reflects our confidence in the durability and performance of our product and provides you with peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your investment is protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your blender for years to come.

Each of these advanced features has been thoughtfully integrated into the Kuvings SV400 Pro Vacuum Blender to enhance your blending experience, making it easier, quieter, and more nutritious. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a health enthusiast, the SV400 is designed to inspire your culinary journey and elevate the nutritional value of your meals.

Made in Korea: Proudly crafted in Korea since 1978, ensuring unparalleled quality and innovation.

  • SV500M Lid: A multitude of features including vacuum blending, noise reduction, and a super strong motor for an unmatched blending experience.
  • 3D Steel Blades: Our advanced blade system ensures deep, consistent blending.
  • Auto Blend Function: Perfect for beginners, this function takes the guesswork out of creating a wide array of juices and smoothies.
  • Motor Protection: An integrated sensor prevents motor overheating, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Air Cooling System: Designed for continuous use, the heat discharging structure keeps the blender cool.
  • Personalized Recipes: With variable speed control, you can fine-tune your blending from 2,000RPM to 20,000RPM for personalized recipes.

Discover the Enhanced Kuvings SV400 Range: A Revolution in Blending Technology

Kuvings continues to redefine the blending experience with its SV400 series, offering unparalleled quality, performance, and value. Whether you're upgrading your kitchen or gifting a loved one, the SV400 range brings the future of healthy living into your home. Explore our exclusive deals and pre-order specials designed to cater to your nutritional journey and culinary adventures.

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The Kuvings Nutri Blender is not just another appliance; it's a lifestyle choice for those seeking to blend convenience with health. Its compact design ensures it fits perfectly in any kitchen, while the easy-to-clean feature, along with its versatile functionality, makes it an indispensable tool for every health-conscious individual. From smoothies and shakes to ground spices and coffee, this blender adapts to all your needs, empowering you to live a healthier life with ease.

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