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Introducing the Kuvings SV500M 3rd Generation – Vacuum Blender, your solution to a healthier, tastier blending experience. This marvel of modern kitchen technology, now available in elegant Metal Silver, is not just a blender but a revolution in the way we prepare our foods and beverages. Designed for those who cherish nutrition and flavor, the SV500 Vacuum Blender ensures that your smoothies, soups, and sauces retain their natural goodness and taste better than ever before.

    Colour Variations:
  • Metal Silver

  • Dual Vacuum Pumps for Enhanced Freshness: The SV500 Vacuum Blender is engineered with not one, but two advanced vacuum pumps. This innovative design ensures unparalleled reliability in vacuum blending, creating airtight conditions that prevent oxidation. The result is smoother, fresher, and richer-tasting blends that retain their color, flavor, and nutritional value longer than traditional blending methods.
  • Powerful Motor for Supreme Efficiency: At the heart of the SV500 lies a robust motor, designed to tackle even the most challenging ingredients with ease. Whether you're crushing ice, grinding nuts, or blending fibrous vegetables, this motor ensures your blends are smooth and consistent, every time. Its exceptional power and precision make it a versatile tool for any blending task.
  • Noise Reduction Technology for Quiet Operation: Enjoy the convenience of blending at any time without the worry of disturbing your household or neighbors. The SV500 is equipped with a noise reduction cover that significantly lowers the sound produced during operation. This feature allows for a more pleasant blending experience, maintaining a peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Vacuum Tumbler and Additional Accessories: Elevate your blending experience with the included vacuum tumbler, perfect for keeping your smoothies and juices fresh on the go. The tumbler's airtight seal locks in freshness, making it ideal for travel or storing in the fridge. Additionally, the blender comes with a tamper to help you achieve the perfect texture and consistency for your blends, ensuring every ingredient is thoroughly processed.
  • One-Touch Convenience with Customizable Speed Control: The SV500 streamlines your blending process with a one-touch auto button, featuring automatic blending functions for ease of use. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the My Variable Speed (RPM) Control allows you to adjust the blending speed to suit your specific needs, offering complete control over the texture and consistency of your blends.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe Tritan Container: Watch your ingredients blend to perfection in the eco-friendly Tritan container. This durable, crystal-clear container is BPA-Free, ensuring no harmful chemicals leach into your food. Its transparency allows you to monitor the blending process closely, adding an element of fun to your kitchen routine.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Your safety is our priority. The SV500 Vacuum Blender incorporates a safety lock structure that ensures the blender operates only when the vacuum container is correctly positioned. Additionally, the motor protection sensor prevents overheating and automatically shuts off in case of overload, safeguarding both you and the appliance.
  • Triple 3D Moving Blades for Optimal Blending: Experience the power of the Triple 3D Moving Blades, designed to move rhythmically and reach every corner of the container. These specially designed blades ensure that no ingredient is left unblended, achieving a smooth and even texture with every use. Whether you're making smoothies, soups, or sauces, the SV500 delivers exceptional performance and quality.
  • Model: SV-500M
  • Warranty: 12 months domestic use (excluding jugs)
  • Colour: Metal Silver
  • Type: High-Speed Quiet VACUUM BLENDER
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • RPM: 2,000 ~ 20,000RPM (Max 32,000 RPM)
  • Voltage: AC220~240V / 50~60Hz
  • Dimensions: 216 x 240 x 443(mm)
  • Weight: 6.2kg
  • Jug Capacity: 1200ml blending, 500ml grinding
  • Noise Reduction: About 6dB with Vacuum & Noise Reduction Cover
  • Materials: Ultem, Tritan, BPA Free ABS, PC (Not dishwasher safe)

The Magic of Vacuum Blending:

Unlock a world where flavors are vibrant, nutrients are locked in, and every sip is a testament to purity. The Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender uses advanced technology to remove air before blending, reducing oxidation and preserving the natural taste, color, and nutrients of your ingredients. This means your creations not only taste better but are healthier too.

Features for Convenience and Safety:

From the one-touch auto button to the manual dial for precise control, every feature is designed with your convenience and safety in mind. The eco-friendly Tritan container, safety lock structure, and motor protection sensor are just the beginning. Enjoy quiet operation, easy cleaning, and the confidence of a secure blending experience every time.

A Blend of Power and Precision:

With its commercial-grade motor and innovative double drain protection, the SV500 is built to handle anything from the softest fruits to the hardest ice. Experience power blending with less noise, less time, and less nutritional loss.

Benefits Beyond Blending:

Vacuum technology not only improves taste and texture but also keeps your creations fresher for longer in the included vacuum tumbler. Plus, with enhanced preservation of Vitamin C and other vital nutrients, your health will thank you with every blend.

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Why the Kuvings Nutri Blender is Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion?

The Kuvings Nutri Blender is not just another appliance; it's a lifestyle choice for those seeking to blend convenience with health. Its compact design ensures it fits perfectly in any kitchen, while the easy-to-clean feature, along with its versatile functionality, makes it an indispensable tool for every health-conscious individual. From smoothies and shakes to ground spices and coffee, this blender adapts to all your needs, empowering you to live a healthier life with ease.

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