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Acidic Water and Its Many Uses

Acidic Water and Its Many Uses

You presumably already know what alkaline water is, and what benefits it brings. However, if you’ve decided to get an alkaline water ionizer you probably didn’t know that it can also produce acidic water. 

If you’re wondering why you might need acidic water - don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through its many uses in your home. Keep reading to find out some handy acidic water uses.

Acidic Water for Skin and Hair Care

Human skin can have various pH levels, from 4 to 7, but healthy skin usually has a pH of 5 or smaller. Some researchers have suggested that if left unwashed for one day or more, skin’s pH would decrease below 5. pH heavily impacts the bacteria that live on the skin’s surface. A pH of 4 to 4.5 retains the bacteria on the skin, which is what is keeping the skin healthy. If pH goes higher than 5, that same bacteria can be dispersed.  

What acidic water does is act as an astringent and tighten the skin, while at the same time maintaining healthy pH levels and skin oils. Acidic water is also great for washing away hard water residue or soap from the skin’s surface.

One of the most important benefits of acidic water for our skin is that it preserves the skin’s acid mantle. The acid mantle is essentially a thin layer on the skin’s surface that is made up of lipids mixed with amino acids. It acts as a barrier to various infections while the low pH eliminates bacteria that cause skin issues to occur. Well-hydrated skin will have a healthy pH, and won’t peel or crack, which will make it less likely to get an infection. 

Acidic Water Rinse

Whenever you wash your skin or hair, it’s good to follow up with an acidic water rinse. You can keep it in a spray bottle and use it on your hair and skin throughout the day. Do the acidic water rinse at the end of your showers, to maintain the skin and hair at a healthy pH level.

Cleaning the work desk

Acidic Water for Disinfection

One of the most popular and common uses of acidic water is to clean the house. Due to its disinfecting properties, acidic water can be used to clean the kitchen countertops and sinks but is not recommended to be used on granite.

Acidic water can be used as a form of natural bleach that will keep your home sparkling clean with no chemicals needed. It’s also amazing at removing built-up grime and dirt throughout the house while keeping it odor-free.

Acidic Water for Food Preparation

Acidic water is great for rinsing vegetables and fruit, meat, fish, and anything else you might want to eat that needs cleaning. It will help with preventing bacteria to occur. If you want your fruit and veggies to be extra clean, you can give them a follow-up rinse with alkaline water.

Watering a house plant

Plant Care

You can use acidic water to take care of your plants too! 

Acidic water is not toxic, so there are no side effects in using it to water your plants, which cannot be said for many products. Plants love slightly acidic water between the pH range of 6.0 - 7. This is because the acid in the water easily frees ionic nutrients in the soil, making it soluble for plants to easily absorb.

Summary of Acidic Water Uses

Here is the summary of acidic water pH and their best uses:

  • pH 6 - plant care
  • pH 5 - hair care
  • pH 4 - skincare
  • pH 3 - cleaning glass surfaces, countertops 
  • pH 2 - disinfection
  • Mar 07, 2022
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