Aquasana 'Rhino' Whole House Water Filter




The Rhino Aquasana whole house filter has a unique upflow, dual tank. Unlike single tank filters, this increases the contact time of the carbon with contaminants. This whole house filter is of the Activated Carbon variety. As their name implies, these utilize a bed of Activated Carbon. The carbon attracts and traps contaminants and impurities, while clean water and healthy minerals are allowed to pass on through to your sink.

  • Filters 97% Of Chlorine
  • High-performance
  • Lasts 1 million gallons
  • Dual tank
  • Brass fittings
  • Easy to install, replace, and maintain
  • Removes lead and mercury
  • Removes organic chemicals like pesticides and VOCs
  • SCM salt-free technology
  • Naturally and safely reduces scale 
  • Optional UV filtration upgrade
  • Optional salt free water conditioner upgrade


  • Filters 97% of chlorine. The Rhino Aquasana post filter will eliminate 97% of chlorine. As most city water is treated with this chemical, good chlorine filtration at home is indispensable. This makes for water that is better tasting, and better for your hair and skin, and general image. 
  • Long-lasting. This whole house filter has an impressive lifespan of 10 years. This is 10 million gallons, roughly. This is a lot of water filtered, making for a customer investment of clear worth. This filter may be worth an add to cart, according to review. 
  • Removes lead and mercury. Lead and mercury are toxins that are especially damaging to the central nervous system. Tap water contains trace amounts of lead and mercury will cause these poisonous compounds to build up in our bodies over time. You will need a powerful filter to combat them.
  • Eliminates organic chemicals. On its way down the pipeline to our homes, water collects organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs. The Rhino Aquasana whole house filter strips these to bring the customer water that is pure.
  • Naturally and safely reduces scale. Scale tends to accumulate on internal plumbing and pipes. This whole house filter will reduce scale significantly, without resorting to harsh salt, chemicals, or the like.
  • Dual tank. This Aquasana filter possesses a dual tank, for maximum filtration.

Filters Nearly 100% of Chlorine

You are sure to recognize chlorine from your visits to public pools. The chemical is used to sanitize the water and make it safe to swim in. However, the aggressive disinfectant is hardly gentle on the skin. Chlorinated water will burn your eyes, and cause your hair and skin to dry. You will also find that your hair dye disappears in the chemical. After a swim, you are most likely sure to shower off quickly, to get rid of the chemical. All of this in mind, you can probably see why you would not want this chemical in your water at home. Not only is it unhealthy to drink, it will affect your hair and skin negatively as well. The chemical will also affect your clothes like a mild bleach. Chlorinated water will gradually cause them to fade, and even become rougher in texture. The Rhino Aquasana whole house post filter will streamline your water, removing an incredible 97% of chlorine. This will leave your water with a superior taste and smell and allow your hair and skin to improve.