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A blender is a household appliance that is typically built with features ideal for chopping, crushing, and making purees and smoothies. Indeed, it is a versatile and convenient equipment you should have in your kitchen.

Two Types of Blenders

Immersion Blenders/Handheld Blenders

This kind of blenders is the most commonly used ones because they are handy and easy to use. They are suitable for students or young professionals who want to prepare a quick recipe for breakfast or a healthy drink for pre/post-workout sessions. Since they often come with small-sized jars, they are limited to soft produce like fruits.

Counter-top Blenders

If you are a kitchen professional/chef who is looking for more powerful equipment to realize a more intricate recipe, counter-top blenders are your best choice. They are capable to perform more complicated tasks apart from those basic crushing and chopping. They can transform your fruits and vegetables into sauces, purees, juices, and smoothies with ease. Most often than not, their motors work up to 3,500 watts.

Why make a blender purchase?

A blender is a worthwhile investment as it can serve you in so many ways. In fact, you will be surprised as we will be unravelling some of the incredible things you can benefit from a blender.

Food Variety and Increase of Nutrient Intake

Eating healthy food and sticking to it is one of the popular goals of every person. Many do it for health reasons while others do it for a good figure. Unfortunately, most of the ‘dieters’ fail because of one common reason--- they give up on punishing themselves and eating tasteless food. With a blender in your kitchen, you can finally explore your taste buds’ preference through mixing the flavors of your fruits and vegetables without compromising their taste and nutrients.

In fact, several nutritionists claimed that blending of food makes digestion easier, resulting to faster nutrient-absorption. It was even shown in one study that blended food can help in aiding malnutrition among children.

Moreover, It has been established that eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day can decrease the risk of stroke by 26%, as well as reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. One study done in King County suggests that the antioxidants in fruit and vegetable juices may play an important role in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the greater the benefits! With the help of blending, one can already meet the required amount of vegetable and fruit consumption.

Creativity Boost

Just like paint colours, you can now mix and try all the fresh fruits and vegetables inside your fridge. With the blender as your brush, you can finally serve tasty food and beverages on your dining table. Let’s give the following items a whirl:

1. Pancakes

Instead of using a batter, you can utilize your blender to make pancakes. It'll save you a bit of time and it's a great way of giving your arm a rest from all that whisking. Just toss all the ingredients in and switch on for a smooth mix; then pour your perfect portions straight from the pitcher to the pan.

2. Sorbet

For an easy and quick dessert, make your own sorbet in a blender — no ice cream maker required. You won't need much more than frozen fruit and sweetener to achieve a cold, sweet treat.

3. Soups

A great way to give your blender a workout is making smooth and creamy soups. The variety of recipes and flavors may surprise you. From creamy pumpkin and butternut squash soup to potato and broccoli soup, to tomato bisque — the possibilities are nearly endless.

4. Cocktails

Simply add frozen fruit, lemonade/limeade, light rum, and ice, and whirl up. Try lots of different fruit flavors and serve in fun glasses for a perfect party drink.

5. Pudding

Take some of the labor out of making homemade pudding by having the blender mix it up for you. You are guaranteed to have a silky-smooth treat in no time flat. You can't go wrong with a dark chocolate peanut butter pudding, or, for a healthier route, try a blended vanilla chia seed pudding. It makes a great breakfast or add chocolate to turn it into a low-guilt dessert.

6. Protein Shakes

If you're trying to gain some good muscles, you can make delicious and healthful protein shakes at home. Some recipes don't even call for protein powder, but solely rely on banana, protein-rich yoghurt, peanut butter, and chia seeds for an energy drink. A shake made with tofu and soy milk also provides a healthy dose of protein and tastes great with a little amount of cocoa.

What to consider when buying a blender

Now that you are excited to go for a myriad of new culinary adventures with a blender, it is best if you consider the following things before purchasing one. A blender is an investment; you might as well make it a sure investment.

First, identify the purpose of your purchase. As what is being stated above, there are two types of blenders. You must weigh things out whether you need a handheld blender or a counter-top type.

Second, examine the type of materials used to make the blades of the blenders. Choose those blenders with blades made of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not only assure sheer strength; it also has the ability to retain its high strength at high temperature. This is very advantageous when creating hot soups or hot mixtures like sauces. Most importantly, stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and are very easy to clean.

Third, you must consider the motor power range of the blender. The higher the wattage, the more powerful your blender is. This means, that if you are fond of transforming your produce into a smooth and creamy liquid, you need a blender with a higher wattage. You may also use a blender of lower wattage, but you must add liquids such as water or milk to help the ingredients move around.

Lastly, you must choose the trusted brand so as not to waste money. Budget is a vital decision to make. You have to make sure that the blender you are going to buy is a one-time investment. BioChef Blenders have made a significant noise on different media platforms. People have been posting great comments about the brand. It was established that BioChef Blenders are the most affordable blenders in the market. They are the trusted brand for high-quality blending and are known to be the most user-friendly blenders due to their easy controls.